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Hiding inside my shell

Hiding inside my shell

Before I met you I shut myself inside my
Shell from getting even more hurt from
Another person hurting me even more than now.
Hearing my ex�s say I love you never felt
So bad, it keeps reminding me how much
They hurt me, but I realize how, they never
Really loved me. Even if I�m in my shell
I found my ability to let go of the lovers
I forgot, ill hold on to my hope, cause
That�s all I have left.
I built a broke around my heart, I
Built it from any more harm from my heart
And now I�m just scared of losing what
I have left.

I�m getting healed to a certain point, afraid to
Get hurt, afraid to be disappointed the next time
My heart gets hurt.
Perhaps I have found the right one for
Me to prove me wrong of doing the same
To me like the last lovers I lost who tore
My heart into a million pieces, but I though
I would never cry so many tears just for
The guys who messed with my heart.

From the moment I looked in your eyes
I fell in love with you.
Every time I talk to you I love you even
More every day.
The moment I met you I knew you were
The right one for me.

You say that you�ll never let me go
But in the end we both know
Our love can never last forever no
Matter how much we try to prevent
That ever happening.
Even thought of our love dieing
For each other makes me want to die.

It hurts when I think about you loving another.
It hurts when I see you with another when
You�re with me.
It hurts me when I think about you leaving
Me for another.
I�ve cried so many times, and gathered
All the pain from the past and prayed
You wouldn�t be the same as the other
From the past.

I cry all these tears of mine just for
You, and you don�t understand why I
Cry for you.
A million miles between us, will I ever
Be able to hold you?
A million miles between us, will I ever
See your face?

Yet when I talk to you, you make it�
Easy for me to believe everything
Will be okay between us.
Another day hoping nothing gets in between
Our love and feeling.

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