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the questions we all ask

why am i still crying?
why am i still hurting?
why am i still mourning for somethin i know is gone?
why am i suffering for a descision u made?
what did i do?
did i decieve you?no?
then why do u treat me like i am nothing?
no one important
cant you see iv been lost without you?
i was waiting for your help but u turned away.
you left me confused and outraged
i thought i was losing my mind.
iv been uneasy
and depressed
what do i do know?wait for you?
i wont.iv waited too long.
i even gave ypou a second chance but u blew it again.
im not giving you any more chances cuz ul end up dissapionting me.
your useless and dissapionting.
im over you.
im done.

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