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Giving Me

I gave you me
Not all of who I am
More than I have ever let go
I find it hard to trust people
You quickly found that out
Give me time is all I said
But It's all I needed to say.
So as the time passed I began to trust
I began to share with you what my heart contains.
My dreams and what I wanted to be
My flaws and how I couldn't seem to fix me
You filled me with knowledge that was painful to get
We trusted each other
But somewhere in the midst of all of this
You decided you were through.
You didn't need me anymore
Filling my mind with Hope and Love
I let my walls down to let you in
To show that you meant so much
My praise and compliments were a drug to you
You became addicted.
I gave you me
Not all of who I am
My past and all that it contains.
It told me to be careful
Don't ever expose all of who you are
Never fully trust
Your just setting yourself up to a great deal of pain and disappointment.
These thoughts constantly filled my mind.
For the first time I went against what was normal.
For me
I had to know if there were anybody out there who was unlike all others
Someone I could be me around
Not the me with all the walls.
Me with all the barriers broken.
Exposing who I really am meant to be.
Something about you gave me Hope to believe.
Their not all the same.
They won't all play with my emotions.
Our relationship changed.
With one small lie you proved me right.
You are all the same.
You use me to get what you want
Then get rid of me
I gave you me.
Expecting something abnormal.
Tell me the truth.
There really isn't such a thing is there?
I needed a friend.
You are my foe.

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  • this poem reminds me of me with my son's father which I have to see in court next month plz pray for me in 3 weeks its gonna be so hard Danielle!!!
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    • You will be fine. With God all things are possible.
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      • yeah its almost time to go though with the court thing next Thursday but Friday is my 25th Birthday send me some wishes holla later!!!
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