Stoned Wall

I have a wall you cannot see
Because it’s deep inside of me
It blocks my heart on every side
And helps emotions there to hide
You can’t reach in
I can’t reach out
You wonder what it’s all about
The wall I built that you can’t see
Results from insecurity
Each time my tender heart was hurt
The scars within grew worse and worse
So stone by stone
I built a wall
That’s now so thick it will not fall
Please understand that its not you
Continue trying to break through
I want show much to show myself
And love from you will really help
So bit by bit
Chip at my wall
Til stone by stone, it starts to fall
I know the process will be slow
It’s never easy to let go
Of hurts and failures long in grounded
Upon ones heart from years of pain
I’m so afraid
To let you in
I know I might get hurt again
I try so hard to break the wall
But I seem to get nowhere at all
For stone upon each stone ive attacked
And left between them not a crack
The only way
To make it fall is in imperfections in the wall
I did the best I could to build
A perfect wall but there are still
A few small flaws which are the key
To breaking through the wall to me
Please use each flaw
To cause a crack
To knock a stone off of the stack
For just as stone by stone was laid
With every hurt and every pain
So stone by stone the wall will break
As love replaces every ache

Please be the one who cares enough
To find the flaws no matter what.

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Comments (2)
  • that was vry nice i have something very simlar but yours is much better nice i like
    • Omg i got hurt so much in the past but then again im still getting hurt. I remember putting up a wall to stop the pain from coming in i never wanted anyone to get to that place were they could hurt me again and again. But i realised that it just hurt me even more. Love is only built if you trust them and that means not blocking them out of that special place. I lost a very nice guy because i wouldnt let him in that speical place and that just coursed me even more pain. You dont have to listen to what i say im just telling you my point of view since ive been in that place. But like always the poem is great just like every other one posted. xXx. ♥ Cassie