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I Miss U

Submitted by BFG E-mail: bigben_c@hotmail.com Since you left the things I love just havnt been the same All that I have left of you is a picture in a frame Things just don’t feel the same without you The world is just not as fun without youThings just don’t taste the same without you And what I am saying to you is from my heart and is true I miss your eyes, I miss your hugs, I miss your sweet embrace I miss your smile, I miss your kiss and that look on your face I will always be the one here for u to hold When you are lost and stuck out alone in the cold You were the girl that always put a smile to my face You were the one that always made my heart race You were type of girl that made everyone envious Now without you in my heart there is an empty space
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  • the first paragraph is fine but u started soundin boring in 2nd para.i kno its ur genuine feelin but try to put that in a better manner
    • Man your peom iz so good and Everything. you're gonna be a great poet some day.
      • This is so good. It fits what I am going through right now. It's like you opened my heart and saw all my pain. Thanks for the poem, its great... Anita
        • I can connect to this poem very well...great job man
          • I connect wit this poem also because I have the same things go through my minde about my ex.... gosh I wish he would be in my life and in my eyes agian!!i love you dylan!!!
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