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Letting go of the past and embracing the future Only seeing whats right in front of you, no more and no less Vibing with each other as if on one accord Embracing sexual pleasures to fulfill every fantasy That's L.O.V.E Leaving behind everything thats not of true meaning Openly showing affection without thinking twice about who's watching Viewing the pros and cons of any decision--never taking sides Empowering each other to be and do their best That's L.O.V.E Longing for the moment when apart becomes together again Oathing to one another the truth at all times no matter what Vacating all thoughts of negativity--friends and family included Exploring and remembering every hot spot of each others body That's L.O.V.E Letting life be beautiful even when its ugly Obeying God's will and trusting in His word that Vibrant moments will keep the relationship alive Easily and expectedly finishing each others sentences Now that's what I call L.O.V.E!!!
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