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A Kiss

Something so simple, yet it means so much. To me it’s more than a feeling, more than a touch. Some use it as a weapon, some for seduction. Some use it just to show they care, some because it’s something we all share. It’s for the moment when everything is not going just your way, it’s used to say hello baby but in a special way. It’s something that can make us feel so sad, yet it could give us the best feeling we ever had. It could be short or something long, It could feel so right yet seem so wrong. It could be given every day or just once in awhile, it could be for your significant other or maybe your child. It could be so passionate yet so calm, it could be so cold but sometimes so warm. It could say I want you, I need you but that doesn’t really have to be true. A kiss on the cheek could say hello or goodbye, a kiss on the lips says I have you on my eye. A kiss with some tongue says baby please stick around, a kiss can leave you falling to the ground. A kiss with some touch says I’m about to loose control, a kiss on the thigh says something a bit bold. A kiss anywhere else says you got me, a kiss with some wine says baby be mine. A kiss when you are half naked says I want you more, a kiss lower than that and it’s time for us to go. A kiss says more than a touch, but without you it doesn’t mean quite so much.
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