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Open Up, The World is Yours-I ENLIGHTED OUTLOOK Consider no man evil or good, Only good or bad deeds, Everyone is a victim of the mindset, What the circumstances dictate, he heeds! There is no nice person who can’t do wrong, And none evil who will not do good, Be a right medium to each one, And you will probably be understood ! Each one is a creation of God, Everyone is His son, He resides in all of us, None deserves to be shun ! Believe in the laws of nature, Have faith in everyone’s innate goodness, Never have a doubting vision, Welcome each one with kindness ! An inviting expression be your durable robe, Don’t move out without a leaky smile, Let it endear you to even your enemies, Never disappoint others even for a while ! Don’t ever show frustration or be judgemental, In anyone’s wrong actions, Keep on the optimism, manage ‘objectively, Succeed with right path-selections ! Never be unhappy for someone’s wrong-doings, Keep high your emotional reserve, Absorb quietly any harm done, Persverence will surely serve ! Let positive energy flow from you, Never-endingly from your emotion-charged heart, Strike the right chord with everyone, On the focus like a dart !!!
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