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Grateful for Your Gesture

Grateful to You (Translation of the poem 'Ehsaan') Thankful indeed I am to you, That you gave me your picture. Doesn't matter if you havn't given me your heart, At least I am fortunate enough to have you in my memories! I got the fortune of having you in my arms, In the sacred path of love, At least in dreams if not in reality, I got you in my eyes for ever! You called me free-heartedly, It felt as if I got a heavenly shelter, Even if to say good-bye, At least you looked at me! I wasn't born with so much luck, Written in my fortune lines, But I got the light of life, By being imprisoned by your thoughts for life! Your portrait has become more precious Than this life has been to me, Even if to give me mere solace, At least you have made my life meaningful!!!


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