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Children’s Hairstyles: Little Princess

Prom at primary school is one of the first significant events in the life of your child. Every girlie is dreaming to have a stunning look, whereas every mom wishes her daughter looks like a little princess. As the time passes and the girl grows older her mom has to resort to various tricks. The following hairstyle is in a way a mom’s first practice of complicated hair setting, therefore the method is quite specific if not' hairstyles The girl has long hair; moreover it is coarse and thick. Thus we have decided it will be easier to work with damp hair. So, comb damp hair, fasten it with covered elastic, leaving one tendril loosed at each ear. Divide secured hair into several sections. Twist each of them so to have a kind of braid and pin in an oval shape with invisible hairpin. Use blow-drying afterwards. Sweet curls at the sides can be created with a curling iron, and you’ll need to pin them for some time to preserve the form. Apply hair spray. Some time later let the pinned at each side tendrils fall down loosely. And here is a cute lovely girl!

Written by Trisha Wood
Submitted by Trisha Wood

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