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Tools for hair care and hair setting

Hair brushing is the simplest and the most necessary procedure of hair care and also an integral part of hair setting, that’s why hair combs and hairbrushes are the tools mostly used by women. You should pay big attention to the quality of the combs and brushes you buy not to damage your hair. A comb with inaccurate seams and sharp teeth will damage your scalp and tear your hair. Your choice of brushes and combs depends on your hair length. Large-toothed comb will be perfect for those with long and thick hair, and those with short hair would better get fine-tooth comb. Sometimes it is useful to massage your head with a special massage brush. These brushes are to have hard teeth on a rubber base. However you shouldn’t abuse this massage as it can damage hair roots and increase grease secretion. Round brush is good for hair setting. These brushes are to have smooth teeth not to cause damage to wet hair, which is very brittle after washing. For fan hair setting you would better buy semicircular brush with plastic teeth or plastic large toothed brushes. For hair teasing you would better use large-toothed comb with a “tail”. You should always take care of your combs and brushes not to dirty your clean hair, as all the dirt and dust and also the rest of styling products from your hair are left on the brushes and combs. You should regularly wash your combs and brushes with water and soap. Almost every woman uses fan for hair drying and shaping. Many of them don’t think about the result of regular blow dry. It makes hair weak, dry, brittle and dull. You would better have a fan with several temperature regulators and follow some rules while blow dry: don’t dry wet hair, wipe it a little first, don’t keep the fan close to your hair, the distance should be 50 inch minimum. Dry your hair evenly, don’t stop in one place for a long time. If you want to set your hair you will need a fan with nozzles. They are mostly meant to volumize your hair. Thus on a nozzle in the form of a prominent plate there are shanks of different length. This nozzle should be held athwart your head and lift hair with circular motions. Prior to fan use, apply some styling product on your hair. If you have short hair you would better dry it on the sides and keep on drying it upward. To add some volume to “page” haircut you should dry hair first and then, twisting upper strands around a round brush pass the fan over the hair. After the hair has been totally dried you can set it with electro curling-irons. You can curl only dry hair, doing it with wet hair can be dangerous. Apply some styling product on the hair before setting but don’t use anything fixing, it can cause hair dryness and dullness. Don’t hold one strand in curling-irons more than 30 seconds. Put a comb under the curling strand not to scorch the scalp. It should be noticed that everyday curling-irons use is harmful for hair, to avoid it you would better buy curlers. Curlers use is more gentle way of curling than that one with curling irons. Chose size and form of curlers basing on your hair type and hair condition. If you have long hair you would better buy 2.5-5 inch diameter curlers, and if you have long hair, less than 2,5 inch diameter curlers will be good for you. Middle and large curlers add some volume to your hairdo, but the locks made with thin curlers keep longer. You start curling your hair back from the front, that is the most convenient way of doing it. While curling you should hold your hair athwart the curler surface, at that the curling strands shouldn’t be wider than the curlers. Hair is curled carefully, watch your hair ends not be crumpled, then you will get ideal locks. After all your hair has been curled, dry it with fan. Except usual curlers there are curling papers and sticky curlers, which are also very popular. You can quickly get natural locks using curling papers. It is a perfect way of shaping permed hair and emphasizing natural locks. You should wet your hair first and then apply some styling product, divide your hair into strands and curl them with curling papers. Take them off in a while and comb your hair with fingers or with large-toothed comb. Sticky curlers are covered with plastic hairs and hair sticks to them without any damage. That’s why you can use these curlers with both dry and wet hair. Sticky curlers can be different size and are used for creating both natural locks and tight locks. Clamps for hair waving are used more seldom than other instruments and mostly for prom hairdos, with its help you can make a hairdo of 20s-30s style. Apply some mousse or gel on your hair, make some waves and fix every wave crest with clamps. Then dry your thoroughly and fix it without combing.
Written by Trisha Wood
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