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Hairstyles Saga

My first conscious remembrance about hairdressers. The last sketches for my first day at school. It was decided to slightly trim my hair that is medium at length. As a result I have a kind of a bob, but even shorter. My mom’s heart is easily set pit-a-pat. Her crystal dream to see me running to the school bus with those pompous fillets was ruined. Miraculously, but they were on me at the appointed day! My mom tabooed any hair clippings for long…My 6th year of study. My hair is up to the middle of my back. Nothing could be made with it, except for ponytail and braids. At last God Almighty has heard my humble prayers and my mom yielded. I was permitted to wear bangs. The guy I liked whispered in horror: “what did you do that for???” Bangs can’t be set by any means. All-possible gels and hairsprays are applied to it in quantity, but in vain. I’m almost college graduate. My friend goes permed. Luxuriously! I start dreaming to do the same. Done. It looks really great on me, but for three days only till I washed my head. Oh, my God! There is no a hint left at former perm. Ponytail or banal braids again and strongly sprayed and gelled bangs. My prom. I washed my head overnight and got spray-gelled hair rolled using medium rollers. I’ve decided to go to bed with rollers on so still nourishing a slight hope this torture will have some effect. I took them off half an hour before I quit. Strong hair spray, strong gel here and there in addition, everything in huge quantity. At last I’m ready! Huzza! My hairstyle remained as it was dreamt before till midnight! Right before the university. It’s time to cut off my tangle; this was exactly what my hair has turned into after perm. I consult a stylist to clear up what hairstyle would work well on me. The stylist is looking at me and wearing an expression of unexpressed melancholy brings in a verdict: “Nothing will look good on you with that very face shape and hair type you have”. My heart ceased beating. Finally, having made me the only person responsible for this, the stylist gives his consent to angular bob style. Ohh, it’s gorgeous! It had been so for exactly the period I reached home…and never afterwards. I’m junior at college. I’ve quite long hair already. Still I am untiring in my efforts to arrange my braids. Each time I’m at beauty shop I’m politely inquired about who the person having shredded my braids in such a queer way was. “Your colleagues”-I murmur droningly each time repeated answer. They stand open-mouthed with astonishment. I bet next time, next salon will be the same. I’m senior. I’m tired of everything. I’ll cut it for sure. Short…very short. I was recommended a hairstylist, so I’m there and I’m explaining him a special triangular shape I want my hair is cut and set. Demonstrate the sample picture. Endure the “execution”. Look myself at the mirror, look immediately at the picture I have. Nothing in common. Where is that damn triangular shape I wonder! And why my hair from behind is cut accurately parallel with floor! My peoples are shocked. My neighbor on a landing, the former schoolmate noticed that I shouldn’t jeer at myself that way. It is better for me to wear plaits because “Nothing will look good on you with that very face shape and hair type you have”- he said. (Think… I’ve heard it already, have I? ) My ugliness growths. I need to do something but really have a kind of allergy to beauty salons. At last I’ve made up my mind to grow hair...and I say I’m going to trim it no more than 1,5 inches. Eventually it is those 1,5 inches left from my once head of hair. I start really doubt hairstylists speak English indeed. Hah? My ugliness growths. I feel unhappy…I’m suffering, I’m crying but don’t set foot in those beauty parlors. Finally my mom persuaded me to consult veeery good and nice stylist. Yielded. Hmm…and what do you think? “Good and nice stylist” takes a deep breath and passes sentence: “Nothing will look good on you with that very face shape and hair type you have” Déjà vu??? I just have my hair leveled; my new ugliness distantly looks like Mireille Mathieu hairstyle. Life is possible but only conditioned that any attempt to set my hair is something unreal and useless. I resign myself. Even cease to hate my own reflection in the mirror. I get acquainted with my future husband whose first compliment was his great idea to change my hairstyle. Well…I let it grow. Experimentally it was ascertained that hairstylists do not only understand English but besides aren’t able to count! May be we have different units? Look, first time I come to cut off 3 inches. Done. I miss at about 9. Next time I thoroughly explain at what length I need to have my hair cut off and what length I prefer to get. All the same - I’m deprived of 9 inches. For the third time I literally did my best to be extra clear in my words and gestures: I say how much to cut.., I say how much to leave… and even point with my finger on my back to show till where it should be…Again I have my 9 inches cut! Hmm…Some of them even noticed that long hairstyles is the only way out for women of my type… Nice, yep? I haven’t felt aversion towards my reflection in the mirror for long now. No more feel confused about my hairstyle. Clean hair pinned with something that can hold on to it, -is there anything else to dream about? I am as I am. Meanwhile friends and colleagues seems find it necessary to sympathize with me about that very face shape and hair type I have… Nice people. At the beginning of September I make my mind to permanent - soft and wispy, almost as natural curls. Weigh all pros and cons. I feel certain about the idea. I have a kind of an illustrated picture, photo with me. Ready to spend a pretty penny to get a stunning look. I go to the one of the most fashionable and famous beauty shop. Expound the look I am eager to get, show the picture. Specially focus their attention that I am not going to set it every time I wash my head and to bring my fan with me everywhere when on a business trip. I’m promised I’ll get that very hairstyle I want to get. I stand three hours execution. The result leaves much to be desired but it looks quite ok. Wash my head two days later…Hmm…Call at that beauty salon to VERY politely inquire what I should do in case my perm is absolutely vanished!!! I’m asked to come. Well…I’m there and I demonstrate absolutely straight hair. Just perfectly straight. The hairstylist washes my head that start to show slight signs of waving while it is damp. At that fact the master’s face is naturally brighten up with pure happiness to announce me that “perm looks effective only on damp hair!” Silence… At last comprehending the aforesaid I find myself obligatory to just note that I prefer to go dry by the way… Losing his self-control the master utters a frenzied shriek: “Lady! Don’t you know that nothing will look good on that very face shape and hair type you have. I think you DO!!! So what do you want at all!!!” Actually I wanted my money back. They paid no money while said that the beauty shop personnel could prove that the service had been performed immaculately and it was my hair only to be blamed. That’s all. But I’ve made up my mind not to surrender. I ask what they can offer me in return. They agree upon the second perm. I decide to take the risk of this “torture” hoping it will look better this time. What a naïve person I am! The second perm has lasted a bit more -for a week. I made an appointment with a hairstylist next week. I have not the faintest wish to be experimented once again but have to cut off my perm’s consequences. Can you clue me up in what language I should speak to them to be clear, can they cut less then 9 inches and in general, is there the light at the end of the tunnel?
Written by Trisha Wood
Submitted by Trisha Wood

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