Strange how different things used to be

Strange how different things used to be When we met, we seemed so care free Strange how things change so drastically And in a split of a second you are so mean to meYesterday you loved me, vowed forever to be true Today you are a monster is this really you I am not this tramp, these words on your mind I thought that in you true love I would find A simple discussion you turn in to flames Calling me a where those traitorous names Who are you, and how could you hurt me so There are so many questions I want to know Never have I cried so many tears in my life My anger has consumed me, its sharp like a knife You have deprived me of my happiness; you have replaced it with pain You have taken away my virtues and made me insane I'm so powerless when I am near you, it’s a murderous fact Its a bitter reality, not a morale’s act If death does not plaque me, I will be ruined in this time Taken by a shallow man, that is mine I can't turn back these watches; I can’t say how much I regret The very day that I saw you, the day that we had met How do I continue in this nightmare, the strain? Unhappiness is my choice, a choice I can’t explain
Written by Farah
Submitted by Farah

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