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Prom Hairstyles, Homecoming Updos Creation!

So long-expected prom is coming soon! It is a wonderful time of changes, unexpected experiments which can make any girl a real queen. I am sure everyone of you, dear graduates, dream of being conspicuous at the prom, conquer hearts of grown-up fellows and just be irresistible. I believe you agree with me that a lot in your appearance depends on your hairstyle. Any stylist can say that a haircut, hairdo, hair color are able to change the appearance completely. Now we are going to talk about the updos you are able to do yourself at home. First of all you should decide what style you prefer for the prom: if it will be elegant, archly-romantic or fantasy. Think everything through carefully: shoes, clothes, make up, hairstyle and accessories. When you have already chosen which dress and sandals to where, it is time to think about hairdo. Austere Classic Style The owners of beautiful straight, smooth hair can make austere hairdo without any special means. That is the variant which is told about like that: “Simple but stylish”. Use styling mousse to make this updo. Blow dry your hair arranging it with brush. You may curl hair ends upside or inside. You may also add some frivolity by curling all the hair upside, it gives a flying hair effect, looks like your hair is weightless, very, very attractive. If you don’t wear bangs you may pin front hair back opening the forehead. The rest hair, straightened with hair iron to get sedu hairstyle, straight and smooth, go down along the shoulders. If you are a curly hair owner, you may use some special hair styling products such as mousse, gel, high fixation spray to make your hair straight. Skittish Romance If you choose as a style example a famous Pippi Longstocking, you can make hairdo in accordance with this style. Make a central parting and plait the hair. Use simple bows, nice satin ribbons, decorated with sparkles, plates or beads (by the way, you could make it yourself). Wavy hair is the most romantic. A girl with wavy hair always looks attractive. All you need to get curls is any kind of curlers, curling papers, gel and spray. Apply some styling gel over wet hair (or over dry curly hair), curl and blow dry it with fan. After that admire your curls, fix the hairdo and here it is! By the way, there are lots of different hairdos you can make with curly hair: you can leave it free or fix the upper layer with a very beautiful hair-pin. You may also fix the upper layer so that there will be some volumouse locks over the forehead. This is a really modern hair style which was worn by top-models while showing the last fashion collection on the leading world’s catwalks. It is also possible to combine straight and wavy hair: sparse wavy strands will look effective and romantic among perfectly straight hair. And if you add some accessories to this magnificence! For example pearl beads, chain of pastes, shimmering stones. Carefully pinned to the hair they will make the haircut more elegant. There are no limits for fantasy! If you decided to spend an unforgettable prom and turn into an extraordinary girl, you are worth being envied! Agree that a girl wearing kimono, with a fan as a real Japanese girl – it looks unusual and surprising. So, how to make a hairdo for this image? It is very simple! It is better you have long hair because you need to twist it in plait and arrange on the crown. You may secure it with a hair-pin and decorate with hair tier or braid looking like sakura flowers. You can make a lot of masterpieces with your hair with the help of hair ink, stones, chains, tiers and hair pins. Long ago I caught some advice from an American stylist: a lock of hair is fixed with hair spray and is covered with eye shadows of any color you like better. It is a good alternative to hair ink. Thus, dear girls, play with your fantasy, be stylists for yourself, try everything and make experiments because you must look great at your prom! Next time will talk about make up you need to fulfill your image.
Written by Trisha Wood
Submitted by Trisha Wood

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