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I like to write poems when I do have the time keeps me busy though anyways I am from Canada Ontario live in a small community called North Spirit Lake and thats all you need to know about me.

I had it all figured it out I wanted to spend time with you
But then it got weird, things didn't go as I planned and I started
to fall for you and I just wanted a little more time to be with you
So that's the truth life sucks and it is short so goodbye.


I see the sparkle in your eyes
To gaze upon thy eyes with thee
Thou lovely and beautiful to me
Thine heart only desires for you
My soul feedeth the truth to you
Loving you everyday is a blessing
Life is short, but love is eternal
Where you go I shall followeth thee
You are the flame like the sun above
Every breath and kiss is pure bliss
Ecstasy raptures the spirit inside
How invigorating and tempting it is
To knoweth how much you mean to me
The love I have for you is so deep
Being with you is all I ever wanted.

It is none of my business what you do
I take no pride in seeing others hurt
Live the life that is given to you freely
Remember everything has a reason.

Where can I run and hide from you
I do not judge others of what they do
For I too will be judged in the end.

The blessings of life is precious
Take a chance to do what you want
Live and enjoy the times you have
Finding love may lead you to fate
Just know someone is always there
Rememeber beauty is like diamonds
Knowledge is better then anything
Wisdom gives you the right choice
It is the heart that is important
Wealth and riches are destruction
Money does not lead to happiness
Desires and greed are a downfall
When you stumble do not give up
You know I will be there for you
Never will I leave your side baby
Being there for you always is love.


I see the beauty in your eyes
Everytime I look at you baby
I can tell you
"I do love you"
being with you is my only wish
Your like a angel from heaven
A dream and a vision you are
Those lips of yours are sweet
I like holding you in my arms
Looking at the stars at night
Knowing everything is perfect
I will honour and respect you
The vows I made to you are true
I will not break my oath to you
Fate brought us this far together
All I can ask you is to love me
Remember forever is a long time.

My eyes are heavy as I yearn for sleep
Restless and tired at the same time I am
It is so painful to lose someone you love
Nothing helps to ease the sting of death
I may cry but it only lasts for a moment
I do not curse or blame God what he does
Life is hard and it is never easy for us
Noone lives forever we are mortal beings
Learn to let go and move on with your life
Remember it does take time to heal Scars
Your here now tomorrow you would be gone
Forgive yourself and the burdens you have
Precious things can be when they dissappear
Memories stay they never fade nor go away
Live free and continue fighting the battles
The struggles everyday we try to conquer
Never think your nothing when your something
Just know your not alone out there be strong.

First time I saw you I loved you
Everytime I kiss you is a lifetime
Without you I would not be here baby
To be with you is all that I desire
Looking into your eyes I see the beauty
I like the way you laugh and smile at me
Your skin is soft to touch with my lips
Extasy and bliss so amazing it is indeed
Lust is so invigorating but love is deep
It is the heart that matters the most to me
You were the one I wished for so many times
Being with you is a blessing and a gift from God.


Your kiss is sweet and soft to me
The eyes are always tempting for me
Love the way you smile at me everytime
You make me laugh and I like it very much
My heart desires for you only and no other
To be with you eachtime is a lifetime baby
Where would I go without you when I need you
Just to hold you takes away the pain I have
Being with you was my only wish and dream
So amazing the things we can do together
Faith can move mountains if we believe it
Hope brings Everything to life everyday
Nothing stays hidden in the dark for long
The light always shows which road to take
I will always remember to say I love you.

When dawn comes the sun rises
How amazing and beautiful it is
To see another day come again
Birds singing in the morning
Blue sky as everything is calm
So much beauty there is in life
Blessed you are as a gift indeed
How thou hast savour these moments
To enjoy and remember them till nigh
Amist of all of this brings hope to us
Have faith and thee for surely be rewarded
Patience gives you wisdom to abstain from sin
Live to this day and thou shall be wise forever.


I see the hunger in your eyes everytime
Those lips of yours I love to kiss baby
Pretty you are tempting me inside deeply
Your amazing and beautiful in everyway
You gave me everything I wanted in life
Thank you for being their for me always
When you hold me everything disappears
My heart pounds when i see you everyday
Like an angel sent from heaven you are
Living life is a precious gift from God
Be happy what you have it is a blessing
Nothing stays forever but love is eternal
Your the one I wanted to be wth forever
I will always love you till the end of time
Noone will ever seperate us from eachother
Your my greatest dream and wish come true.

Be patient what you want everything takes time
Fate does anything to anybody for it is destiny
Nothing is ever perfect because we are mortal
Life is never easy for us who said it would be easy
That is the challenges we face everyday to struggle
Some say its not fair but it makes you stronger inside
Your important and do not listen to anyone who is jealous
Anger consumes the soul hate hurts those you love so much
Know this God is light and he will take away your darkness
Forgive and let go of things that hurt you even doubts in life
You know I am here when you need me I will listen to you always
Remember I do understand you I will not back away from you ever
I just want to make you happy never will I hurt you in anyway
To be there holding you telling everything will be ok baby
If you cry I will hold you till the pain goes away I promise you
I will kiss away your tears to fill you with happiness forever.

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