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I want you to know
That life without you
Is nothing compared too
What it means when we are together
Things feel a lot better
I only wish I could always be there
Some say I’m crazy
Others say in love
I just want to be your baby
I love your innocent stare
And your wonderful smile
The one that... see more brightens up my day
I sit all day thinking about
The things you say
Hope that you’ll soon come around
This way
I care for you so much
Id to what ever it takes to have you in my arms
Again just this once
I know it’s hard to be together
For we can hardly ever be alone
The biggest obstacle is my mother
She doesn’t like me being with you
I love you though no matter what
Even though at times it’s hard
Ill try my best to play my part
No matter what comes in my way
Deep down I hope you know
In my heart you’ll always stay
Patience is all we need
I know what we share is strange
Special in its own way
Things will seem confusing
But that feeling with time will change
I promise you
That what I say is completely true
I don’t want to loose you
Though I know you might think this isn’t fair
I too at times feel it just won’t work
And we should just be friends
But then I remember how I love that were a pair
No words can explain
The way it all works
At times all this drives me insane
Our worlds are so different
But I feel like it’s all the same
As if it’s the way it was meant to be
If we remember the good things
We can get past the tough times
Hand in hand no lies
But no matter what
I'll always love you
Try my best to stay in your heart
Written by diamante_hielo
Submitted by diamante_hielo#simplified
I wish I could tell you how I feel;
make you understand that what I’m saying is real
I wish you would call me your boo;
and tell me that you love me too
I wish you knew that you’re the one I think of all day;
when you come around I hope you could always stay
I wish I could just fall asleep... see more in your arms;
hoping you would always be there holding me
I wish you would tell me I’m the one for you;
and how you promise to always be true
I wish you knew that I love you more then anything;
and place you above everything
I wish you could understand what I’m feeling;
tell me you feel the same way without hesitating
I wish you would tell me all the things I want to hear;
and hold me tight as you whisper it in my ear
I wish you knew that I want to be with you;
and every word I say is completely true
I wish I could be the one you want;
and take on a date to a restaurant
I wish you would talk to me more often;
because just hearing your voice makes my day brighten
I wish you knew how I miss you when you aren’t near;
hoping soon you’d be here
I wish I could tell you all this in person;
But I’m scared that my heart may be broken
Written by diamante_hielo
Submitted by diamante_hielo
Since I was young things have been going wrong
I’ve tried to believe and stay strong
Why is it the ones I love always have to die
It’s as each day my tears jus multiplyForget the bad remember the good
That’s what they told me but I don’t know how I could
Since that awful incident, no more... see more will I say
Though I still couldn’t forget it to this day
How could somebody close do such a thing
I almost felt life was no longer worth living
I used to wonder why me, haven’t I been through enough
But then I realized, life doesn’t get easy it only gets tough
Nowadays god doesn’t even answer to my prayers
It’s hard to know who really cares
So many people have been unfaithful it’s hard to know who to trust
They never come threw and do what they promised
Sometimes I wish no one would have gave life to me
Things have been so hard, I often find myself so lonely
Though I’ve been getting better at wiping my tears and moving on
Letting my worries drift away and be gone
I’m jus going to see what else god has in store for me
For whatever it is I’ll have faith and not worry
Even though more times then none it feels as if everything is hopeless
Though I will not let pain be my weakness, I’ll stand fearless
Yet at times from my eyes tears may shed
Though I’ll always say what I gotta say no words will be unsaid
For a friend...thanks for inspiring me...your life is very intresting
Written by diamante_hielo
Submitted by diamante_hielo#lifes
It was so easy to believe you,
You made everything seem so true.
I wish I would have know better,
It was all fake and in the end it would only make me sadder.
How could I have believed all those lies?
Why would I have thought you were different from the other guys?
How could you be so cold to leave... see more me there to cry out my eyes?
You used to say together we'll conquer any problems that might arise.
I don’t think ill ever be able to get over you,
You felt nothing when you left, but for me life lost its value.
All of a sudden my world comes crashing down,
I don’t think I can keep going without you aroun
How could you forget everything we went through?
So easily you said I meant nothing to you.
Now I’m left with tears staining my cheeks,
Sitting where you left me I hear can hear silent shrieks.
To me you were everything,
To you I was just another girl you would be playing.
You not loving me isn’t the hardest part,
Knowing that it all meant nothing and you could live with the fact that were now apart.
Written by diamante_hielo
Submitted by diamante_hielo
It seems as everyday you’re leaving me behind
Pretending I’m your past, trying to get me out of your mind
For you’re scared of what they would say of our relationship
When u know u want more then jus friendship
Is it really that hard for us to be together
I know though u miss the good times... see more and the laughter
Are u listening to what others say
Do u really want me to go away
I though you said you’ll always love me for me
It was all a lie, I can see it clearly
Why does it matter if they don’t think I’m all that
Though u know u love it every time, when we chat
You don’t talk for so long then u come and say you love me
Can’t u make up your mind, for I do want you badly
You tell me how much fun I am, how I’m different and so lovable
Why u got to make it so complicated, can’t you just be loyal
I guess its best to leave you alone,
For I can never make you my own
You seem to be confused about us,
Loving you seems almost pointless
Cause I can never have you,
You can’t seem to make up your mind on what to do
Though I’ll always love you but when u finally make up you’re mind
It maybe too late, for a friend is all u might find
Written by diamante_hielo
Submitted by diamante_hielo#trying, #forget
You left me here, on my own
Promised me Id never be alone
Told me to smile and never shed a tear,
How could I smile wen you aren't near
Thought of you replay in my head
Think about all tha things you said
I feel lik dying too,
Leaving the world behind for you
How could you leave, you were all... see more I had
Left me frustrated and so sad
You should have told me tha reason for your stress
I would have shared it made it feel a little less
What could compel oyu do do such a thing ?
Just thinking about it makes me start crying
The pain of losing you is unbearable in my heart
Even tha thought of us being so far apart
I couldnt go a second without you
How am I supposed to go a whole life throu
Submitted by diamante_hielo#missing
This is tha melody of my heart,
In many ways it has been torn apart
Though at everystep, good or bad
A new note begins to form, frm each experince that I had
This comes straight from the inocense of my soul,
Through tha darkness that hasnt been told
My melody with me will grow old,
but there will... see more stil be rythm in it
Every verse would be tha shyt
To understand tha melody u must understand me
You didnt do nethin in my life so let tha melody be
For this is tha melody of my heart
Pure and upbeat
Submitted by diamante_hielo#melody, #heart
Submitted by Shorty
E-mail: diamante_hielo@hotmail.com
You were the only one who truly card for me
Loved me for me,even when I was lookin sloppy
Never disapeared, always stayed by my side
You were comforting me when I cryed Forgave me when I lied
Always apologized, even if I was to blame... see more Never did you think of love like some kind of game
We had so many hopes, made so many promises
Together we did so many things, even been through some messes
Told so many secrets, our trust was so strong
Talked to each other all night long
Never thought our love would go wrong
I guess it was me, got scared and backed away
Even though I said I'd never sway
I needed some time to realize, how I felt deep inside
Too many things were happening at once
If I said I didn't miss you then I lied
Thought about you every second of the day
Felt like talking to you but didn't know what to say
Too much has happened for me to just say hey
But lately I've been missin you crazy
Wonderin if youd still call me your baby
but if not then just maybe
We can stay friends, I just hope you forgive me
Submitted by I Need...
E-mail: diamante_hielo@hotmail.com
I need someone to talk to
Could that someone be you?
I need some to make me smile
And stay with me for a whileComfort me and tell me everythings,
Going to be alright
When I'm feeling down and lonely to hold me tight
I need someone to... see more wipe away my tears
And help me face my fears
Talk to me wen tha world seems silent
Could you be there for that moment
I need someone who can understand tha hurt in my eyes
When others are fooled by tha smiles
Be there by my side wen I start to cry
Tell me I can do it if I try
I need sume who's true
Could that someone be you?#shorty
Submitted by Shorty
E-mail: diamante_hielo@hotmail.com

I want someone to love me for me
and treat me like a lady
Don't change cause your friends are around
Keep the same personalitySomeone who can keep me cozy
be a man but still b able to say sorry
When time call be a little silly
Still be... see more with me after we have a baby
be able to forgive me if I get angry
I want someone who liks to party
Won't mind gettin a little dirty
Someone who can be trust worthy
Also values honesty
I want someone to love me for me#someone
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