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Submitted by BFGE-mail: bigben_c@hotmail.com If u sit back and take a look through my eye My life is like a soap opera and it isn’t a lie I have many friends and many people all around me And many things happen around the world of the BFGI have friends who are confused and like other friends And people who want to sit around and like to backstab their friends People breaking up and people getting back together Breaking up and realising that before they had it better Not wanted Pregnancies, and friends in hospital People depressed over something they cant have and that’s not all All I need now is to have someone stuck in a coma Or someone with an eye patch and someone with a comb over I have friends that I haven’t seen for years come back into my life And find out they are engaged and they nearly have a wife People telling me all there problems, sexual and non But I have to admit its exciting and it is a little bit fun My life is not boring and it is almost always good I have good solid friendships and they are as solid as wood
Submitted by BFGE-mail: bigben_c@hotmail.comYou have close friends and you value them allot If they ever hurt you its just like getting shot You feel you get really close and you can share anything But why bother sharing if they don’t tell you hardly anythingYou can see something is on their mind, something rather large But u know that they will not say a thing coz they are in charge If I ever needed someone to talk to I know exactly where to go But I want it to be mutual and I know that is not the go Am I not trust worthy and Am I not always there for you guys Or is it because it’s about me and u just fill my life with lies I take in more than u think by the way you talk and act And I think I know what is going on and yes that is a fact You try to hide it, you try to fight it but it will always be there Secrets bring out stress in you as u run your fingers through your hair If its not a secret, then what is it, I know that there is something Well I am always here to take away the fear and friendship I will bring When you hide secrets, and lie to the people that you love Stress arrises quickly attacking with a push and a shove Its up to you, on what you do and please make the right decision And make sure u dont end up ruining it in a terrible collision.


Submitted by BFGE-mail: bigben_c@hotmail.comLet me tell you the definition of being lonely ok As I look in the mirror wondering what I can say Say to myself to make me feel better about myself Or maybe I do belong here alone on the bottom shelfI see couples walking by hand in hand and happy I see people that like each other and yes I can see But me, I have got no one, not a shimmer not a hope As I cruise on my own I sometimes feel like a big dope Does anyone out there actually care for me? Well more than a friend that’s all I want to see I feel so out of it, I feel so tired and so lost To get my mind off it I go out no matter the cost I have everything in my life that I want bar one exception I’ve got the Job, The car, good friends and frustration I know I have good friends and I do take them for granted And sometimes I can get easily offended or aggravated But I just don’t show it, I just sit really quiet and think And down into the depths of my stomach my heart it does sink I care allot for my family but most of all for my close friends So I sit here all quiet and that’s how this poem ends.

#lonliness, #killer

Submitted by BFGE-mail: bigben_c@hotmail.comWell here we go, let me tell you how the BFG thinks on a good day I want to take u out, want to show you a good time and show you that I am not gay You have to realise that I am here for you and I am the big friendly giantLook into my eyes, and take your time and please don’t be defiant Girl just one look at you, you are so fine and it makes me glad that I am single I run my fingers through your hair and I feel your whole body tingle Please don’t be scared, there is nothing to fear, I am not a sleaze I am here for u to kiss, hold and miss, and you I will try to please In my eyes, nothing comes close to your beauty and how gorgeous you are And I cant help wanting to hold you and take you to the backseat of my car I know its wrong, I know that sounded bad and I don’t want to use you I look and stare, I am in a trance and its not fair, please make my dreams come true With your smooth black hair and deep brown eyes and my feelings I cannot hide I want to hug you, want to squeeze you, In me you can confide I want to get to know you, want to get under your skin I want to know all your fantasies would you please let me in I am open minded, I am up for some fun what do you want to do tonight Well can take it slow if that’s is the go, or on the phone we can talk all night All I want to do is make you smile, and girl for you i will drive 1000 miles I am sitting, waiting, thinking and im willing, And in my eyes girl you are thrilling
Submitted by BFGE-mail: bigben_c@hotmail.comwell here i c*m and i think im gonna be bringin it you better be ready and better have ur torches lit so here i c*m and as i start to walk pass my hand reaches out and ill slap that *sswat am i doing coz i know you will like that bugger hurting you i will make u purr like a cat we can hit tha dance floor and we can bump n grind and i will be the only thing that is on your mind my hand on ur belly so very gently ill make u woozy and ur knees like jelly dancin so close and ur right up against me coz u know u will have fun wit that guy, the BFG
Submitted by BFGE-mail: bigben_c@hotmail.comSince you left the things I love just havnt been the same All that I have left of you is a picture in a frame Things just don’t feel the same without you The world is just not as fun without youThings just don’t taste the same without you And what I am saying to you is from my heart and is true I miss your eyes, I miss your hugs, I miss your sweet embrace I miss your smile, I miss your kiss and that look on your face I will always be the one here for u to hold When you are lost and stuck out alone in the cold You were the girl that always put a smile to my face You were the one that always made my heart race You were type of girl that made everyone envious Now without you in my heart there is an empty space
Submitted by BFGE-mail: bigben_c@hotmail.comI sit here alone and I look at the time, Looking so normal everyone thinking im fine But as I sit and people just walk on by My insides hurt, Ive lost will and I don’t want to tryIve given up on life and ive given up on strife Feeling so lonely as I butter my bread with a knife Wanting the pain to disappear, want it to go But I sit here quietly and the feeling just grows The more I think the worse it starts to get Digging a deeper hole to get out of, this I will regret The only thing that soothes and makes my life move Is the love of my friends, I don’t want it to end But every night I end up home and all alone And I just get back into that same old zone I want u back, I need u back, I miss your sweet caress Its amazing when a girl leaves, u get so damn depressed…

#depression, #kicks

Submitted by BFGE-mail: bigben_c@hotmail.comYou bottle feelings up and try not to let it showtry to hide from everyone but ur close friends still knowheartache, anger, stress and painjust makes it all a great big strainlonlyness, insults, and starting to feel downall of these feelings attacking im starting to drownto many things flying around im starting to get choked upi need to release it or i think i am going to blow upWanting to share wanting to tell somebodywanting to release this burdon from mebut i dont want to bother anyone so it just builds upmaking it worse like a bomb the green wire needs to be cutbut then the heart of a friend opens up and willing to helpand feeling so good its out and away, thank you for ur help.


Submitted by BFGE-mail: bigben_c@hotmail.comLonliness the thing deep down inside Lonliness the thing in which u most try to hideIts a bumpy road through your short and wonderful lifeIn this hard and long search for a lady, a wifeMany highs and many lows, thats the way that life goesToo and throw and sometimes life gets pretty lowMeet a girl and put ur trust into her handLet your guard down show her the inside of this manRelationships are tough but they leave scarswomen are from venus men are from marsNothing as high as an intimate momentnothin as low as a insulting momentNot many People really deeply know meAnd i dont open up easy and let it all out for freeAnd this has worsened by the actions of an infactuationI thought i would have been treated with some appreciationThe guards came down and i let it all outI had trust in this girl and without a glimpse of a doubtShe left me, she crushed me in front of her friends she dumped meShe laughed, she cried, and in front of everyone i almost diedTrust is a thing in people you take for granted allotBut when its broken its like a brick breaking the window of a shopYour heart it shatters, and its hard to clean upAnd for periods of time bits and peices keep popping upLike the remains of a wreck etched into timeAs it keeps popping up in the back of your mindYou want to move on but its very difficult to keep goingAs you approach a girl the memories start showing is it fear of rejection, or fear of humiliationits a bit of both, im edgy like ive got no tractioni smile gently and move on like its nothingI bottle it all up and no one knows a damn thing...


Submitted by BFGE-mail: bigben_c@hotmail.comYoure feeling so unappreciated u feel so coldyou feel so crushed ur heart has been soldEverything you do seems like its taken for grantedyou try so hard, no notice given after u have startedYou think to yourself hey have they lost interestOr have the feelings they have, have they minimised to lessYou shouldnt sit there and take it out on yourselfDont single yourself out and sit up on the top shelfFor there is always a friend here to help in your time of needYou are not a burden, hopefully a lil of ur pain will be freedIf u need sum one to talk to i will always be hereThe love of a friend will help you when you are in tearsA decision needs to be made if you want these feelings to endAnd if its sumfin i know always rely on a friend...

#friend, #always

Submitted by BFGE-mail: bigben_c@hotmail.comYou sit there and think that life is unfairAs you sit and to the ground your eyes they do stareFeeling so stuck out all alone in the coldWanting and wishing someone was there for you to holdFeeling so lonely, so lost, nothing feels like homeYou sit and feel as low as a melted ice cream coneWhat is your purpose in life, feeling the pain growOr try to soldier on and not to let that pain showSeeing so many people walking around with happy smilesAnd u try to remember gee for me its been a whileBeen a while since I was happy and I actually smiledNow it seems like the only smile is very very mildSitting all alone waiting for someone who cares and yes its trueWaiting for someone special, someone sweet and maybe that person is you!


Submitted by BFGE-mail: bigben_c@hotmail.comThis is in person for me really hard to sayEspecially trying to put it in the right wayIn the cinema so quiet and comfyI am so happy your sitting next to meWe sit here so quiet I don't know what to doAll I want to do is put my arm around youI want to lift the armrest quicklySo you can watch the movie snuggled into meBut I am scared that u don't feel the same as meAnd how awkward would that beI would drive a thousand milesTo pick you up and see that gorgeous smileYeah I may seem like a very quiet guyAnd from the start, around you I have been pretty shyI don't know why, but your so easy goingif I had a boat you and me will be rowingGirl you are so mysteriousAnd you have got me so curiousNow I know there are heaps of things I don't know about youAnd there is plenty that you don't know about me tooI don't care much about our pasts and where we have beenOr some of the horrible things we have seenI am a guy you will hopefully trustAnd I like you and you got to know that it's a mustYou have a great personality and great to be aroundAnd when I am cruising with you, I am glad its you that I foundTo your close friends you are very valuableUr good to your friends and to help them out u will travelJust like me, get sucked in because your too niceThen you get taken for granted and you pay the priceWhen I drop you off, I look forward to a hug or small kiss from youBut I don't make a move because I don't want to stuff the night up for us twoIts just the things you do that makes me smileIf only you can stay for awhileJust being around you puts a smile to my faceI know that I am not lost I think I have found my placeI hope you understand what I am trying to sayJust being with you makes my dayI don't want to be alone anymoreAnd I'll be the one waiting at your doorAnd I'll do anything to make u seeYou’re the only thing that really matters to meI don’t want to spend my whole life dreamingWhere here in my arms is where you should be leaningSo girl know u know the way that I feelThe rest is up to you and I will be waiting for sure


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