I am 16 and go to H.p high school. Mosly I just stay home do my and study Im just not looking for nobody right now.Im a funny person but sometimes sad no matter what I just still do my things.
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Im waitin for you all the time I cant seem to get you out of my head. But Im sure that you still love me because I could see it in your eyes. I know that if you come back to me we will work it out and you would not worry anymore. I will be waitin for as long as I can, there nobody else I ratter be with. Sometimes I think that you are just playing with my head that when you said that you would think about it if we would be together again. I try to think that you are missing me so I will wait for you I beg you to give me another chance becuase my heart is for you only and I will wait for you. So dont throw my love away because no one can take your spot away.

Written by Deseray
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I am dearming of you all the time but one day it will stop for good. Things that I told you were true but you seem not to belive it. The dearm I though I had was lost and it want come back. The dearms that I have were living you with all my heart.Can you see that you are my dearm that I wanted for to me a happy person.

Written by Deseray
Submitted by Deseray


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