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I am a 17 year old kid trying to make it through life. keeping god first. my poems all happened in my life, well xcept for sum few exceptions haha um yea other than that i wish you guys can enjoy them and just relate them in your life so yea i know i havent been posting a lot but i am about too reall soon again so ea head up for those
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The world shifts within time as do the thoughts in my mind
thoughts of the blind leading the ill, a holocaust in a rhyme
featuring skill but lacking essence was a problem of mine
Till a master walked upon my path, i was astounded to find
He took me under his wing, had me envision the light
"Wisdom alights on those" he told me "who are drivin to fight!"
A simple insight, but the meaning wasn't clear to me then
tho it is now, Forever commited to the pad and the pen
Compassionate then, He led me to where the entire world could be seen
A superlative thing, and so i asked is all of this just a dream
He only smiled and simply stated that "all our futures are one
As infinite as sea shores and clouds aligned with the sun
It is only possible to continue if earth inhabits a few
who understand that time is precious, unlike the views of a fool
But the views that we use, separate us from the masses confused
To direct them opposite of such a passionate ruse"
I asked of the few who would deliver those with minimal sight
Still he smiled with eyes closed...Then i awoke in the night!
I looked out my window and what i saw, a city flooded with pain
So I drew an ark with my pen to shelter the world from the rain

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Pacing incessantly...mind seeking ease...
but no release pending...
Im trailing behind my mind,
unable to find...rest,
spinning surrounding and speaking,,
but no one here knows me,
they all say my name,
but no one here knows me,
and yet I know everyone here,
just one look at them,
and theyre revealed,
for what they truly are...
the ugly faces are their mask,
and the beauty is what they hide,
and this truly is,
the reason for our struggle,
the reason for our pain

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i dont have many friends i but i do have some of the best, i dont fit in any crowds or cliqs,,,i am hmmmm what you call
a mirror i can reflect images of who ever i am with and connect with them

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How you gonna know if you don’t try?
You gonna live life to the max or just wait til you die?
Regrets always happen when you don’t take that chance
So take the risk and grab every opportunity in both hands
Don’t be scared of failure because you learn by every mistake
And just one of these days it could be your lucky break
Don’t let it pass you by and leave your future to fate
Cos someday when you look back it could be too late
Follow your dreams don’t expect them to look for you
Precious life is so short, don’t ever just make do
Take in every waking moment of your life and peruse
It’s all about the decisions you make and paths you choose
So you take a wrong turning and you are on the wrong road
All the problems are stacking up and you’re carrying a heavy load
Don’t despair because in life the streets ain’t all one way
Get rid of your baggage and you can start a brand new journey

Don’t keep anything to yourself tell everyone how you feel
Those feelings can weigh heavy and become hard to conceal
If you feel like laughing, laugh as hard and loud as you want
Be the person who you are and want to be, don’t ever put on a front
Think and be positive about who you are and where you’re from
Let every experience good or bad make you more strong
If people f**k you about don’t be hating cos hate takes up strength
Just keep a mental note and always keep them at arms length
Don’t let hurt from past relationships stop you from forming new
Everyone is different don’t let it stop people from getting to know you
Give your heart don’t hold it back for fear of it being broken
There is no better feeling than when the words ‘I love you’ are spoken
Make love as much as you can and in as many places that you dare
Everyday make just one person smile to show them you care
Enjoy life to the full because it is over far too fast
Make sure your own life journey could never be surpassed
Jheremy aka Lastevent

Through my eyes, you witness Birth Through my eyes, plagued by a Curse Through my eyes, a battered Child Hood Through my eyes, a young man Misunderstood Through my eyes, you see street races Fly By Through my eyes, you see multiple of Drive Bys Through my eyes, you witness a loved ones Death Through my eyes, your best friend takes his last Breathe Through my eyes, Take quick, Sharp Breathes Through my eyes, you stare into the Darkness Through my eyes, many Shoulders Broke Through my eyes, witness multiple Over Doses Through my eyes, watch and witness violence Unfold Through my eyes, bullet wounds take their Toll Through my eyes, many Lines Are Crossed Through my eyes, many Lives Are Lost Through my eyes, bullets and brains trade Places Through my eyes, witness the horror of dismantled Faces Through my eyes, Many Thugs Dead and Pumped Lead Through my eyes, witness alot of Blood Shed Through my eyes, see the better for the Worst Man Through my eyes, witness death First Hand Through my eyes, dreams of life Foiled and Spoiled Through my eyes, buried beneath the cold Soil Modified by Jheremy

One could never know what it?s like to look death in its eyes Knowing in my heart, it control all our lives I refrain from laughter to keep free from its disaster Realizing death only has one master I ignore all knocks at my door Because one twist of the knob and death will continue to sore And even thou the devil, who?s tactics he adores I look inside it and it his objective I?m left unsure I try to keep my life clean and pure Only to have death leaving me insecure Death has a cold and chilling mentality That reaches out to snatch me unexpectedly But I know if I stand tall and live life correctly I can break the chains that?s restrains me Modified by Jheremy

shadow men n hustlaz die off n hats drop lifes da game until one day ya casket drop we mourn for better days to see and come until one day u wake up in da clouds sky kingdom surrounded by spirits wit unanswered questions why they here what went wrong why they restin its undeniable that we shall reach a restin point from kickin it wit ya bois to smokein ya last joint da darkness comes dreams take us closer no man is judged wether white black ora poser spillin fortys for our fallen worriors of da past now its a new day a new breed to maka path pick up da legacy n rescript it to per-fect but keep it original so it can re-flect new material is neva new its just takein a step further we all wait in silence as we left on da back burn-er Modified by Jheremy

Born in life to lead the struggle from the dead, showing my blade only seeing the colour red/ that which has spilled a thousand throats, all against injustice the bad must croak/ like that of the poisionous toad, killing its own, must seperate from this road/ but only loneliness stalks me and nothing more, enemy's of mine have been ripped from their very core/ yet their essence lingers around my spirit, try as hard as I may I just cannot get rid/ this haunts me, turning my soul black only feeling I have is to attack/ weak now become strong and strong become unbeatable, then I catch the reflection, man no more just rubble/ rubbished his life in vain for the fight, life slips away from whence it came, never seeing the light/ Modified by Jheremy

This is a lie that i once led This made life, many have lived until their dead. Now shattered as your freedom fills me Once detached, and now filled with empathy Recollecting of the lost life seems far away but i recall enough, I can recall today. Ask and receive from the freedom giver removes a cold heart, no need to shiver Compassion filled me and I was finally free Free from all the lies that once bound me Tried to please all of my peers Then i realized my darkest fear That I was like them, the exact same And there was only myself to blame But the one to blame didn't change it You came to me and re-arranged it Made room for truth and undying love I thank you. you're my god above Modified by Jheremy

Im one of the selected few erected, from a decreped slew... Who was elected to do the of selecting a mob of aggressive dudes... to start a deceptive crew Of soldiers whit the objective of taking over and starting anew... But in order... To take over, and change the former to the present.. I had to sort the disorder... And exit the chaos so I could take over and gain the credit... And trust... Of those I expected to be amongst... Who I would one day entrust... With my life once... Elected and accepted... As one of the ones selected... Its a must... There are only a few... Who have stayed T.R.U.E to the crew... These are the "Selected Few"... The only T.R.U.E members... From start to finish... The ones I remember... Modified by Jheremy

Afraid to open my heart and then never feel it beat again Afraid to lose myself in your eyes and then never see the sun again Afraid to have you by my side and then see you walk away Afraid to believe in this magical fantasy and then see it fade away Afraid to whisper emotions that you might strangle and destroy Afraid to share my smile and then see your frown kill my joy Afraid to let you color my world and then taint it and paint it gray Afraid to let your heart warm me and then leave me cold and disarrayed Afraid to let you in in case you let me out Afraid to give my trust in case you have a doubt Afraid to be sincere in case you stab me in the back Afraid to be myself in case what you do is an act Afraid to feel happy for you in case you don?t feel happy for me Afraid to be proud of you in case you look down at me Afraid to give you everything in case you let me down Afraid to love again and end up being the clown !!!!

Who....within all this mayhem, can I put my faith in...? Who... Is my true friend? and who is faking...? Thats what Im debating, and its amazing.... How many faces Im not placing.... So my steps are what Im retracing... And its creating a point thats past its breaking.... I should be praying... But instead Im playing, with Gods patience.... And its disgracing.... Leaving me feeling degraded, For my decisions that are blatant... Because I know I shouldnt make em' Thats why everyone Im facing, face to face is in training... Every situation... Is judged with a precise stipulation.... All must pass through the tribulation... To even make my consideration... To be continued.... u guys can make any ending for this let me know aight Modified by Jheremy

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