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I love music, listening to it, singing it, and playing it. I love my friends to death most of the time. I am wiccan and love nature. I dream about true love and having a boyfriend but I haven\'t had one yet... I wish I had someone who truly cared about me.
When I first met you I felt I could totally trust you. And that feeling stayed with me for so long. But now that feeling is slipping away. Sometimes I can't stand to see you with your other friends. Youmake me feel like I don't exist. But when you hug me, I feel like everything is normal again and I hold this spark of hope that I can feel like I trust you again. The only problem is that I never got the strength to trust you with any of my feelings. Why is it that whenever I see you now, I can find something to be mad at you about. You regularly piss my off for no reason and I can't handle it anymore. When I had this kind of problem with another friend I thought you would always be there to turn to. But what do I do when you are the one who is abandoning me? If I talked to you about it would we get closer or awkward. I am scared and I can't turn to you so who can I turn to?

Written by Lilli
Submitted by Lilli

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