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A doctor by profession in India (Delhi).
A sensitive yet wise person.
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Open Up, The World is Yours-VI THE RIGHT POSTURING Walk with your head held high, Widen your chest proud, Former for your upright thinking, Latter a sign of your commitment aloud ! Shoulder on back with arms well toned, Signalling balance and stability, Tummy tucked-in with back straight, Expressing absence of greed and agility ! Walk high with firmed-up legs, Expressing confidence in your plans, Smile radiating and ease vibrating, Stealing everyone’s glance ! Never be shy, show great persona, Always honouring your existence, Good mannerism and moral stance, Help spread wide a great fragrance !!!
Open Up, The World is Yours-V ENJOY THE PRESENT IN ACCEPTANCE Live in the present, Enjoy what you are, Love yourself and those yours, Accepting all as they are ! Learn from the past, Without being repentant, Never carry the past baggage, Being a positive expectant ! Lok forward to a good future, Without harbouring any doubts, Nourishing the faith in your ruggedness, And your capability to splitter any clouds !!!
Open Up, The World is Yours-IV BE KIND AND LIBERAL Be kind and liberal like God, Being a part of that great master Himself, You are His son playing in His loving lap, Of this vast universe, the manifestation of His majestic-self ! Liberate your mind, open your heart, Let nothing limit you from breathing free, Experience the freedom and His grandeur, Guide fellow-beings to bathe in the same breeze ! Give up and give in plenty, Whatever you can, give away, Give wisdom, shower your blessings and smiles, Even wealth, if you have, let it not idle away ! Give away and you will receive in multiples, Such is the law of nature, Restrain your treasures of qualities and belongings, And see the door close for all future ! One can’t beget what one can’t give, Transactions are equated everywhere, Open the floodgates of your intellect, Receive wisdom, smiles, love and blessings everywhere !!!
Open Up, The World is Yours-III IMMORTALIZE YOURSELF Be proud and fit, Not humble or lame, Happy and smart, Not serious or in shame ! Be proud of qualities, And your bent of mind, Not of possessions nor of body, Which are always in grind ! Love the indestructible, And you will be an immortal, Not limiting to the mundane, Nor confining to some little portal !!!
Open Up, The World is Yours-II BLESSED WITH GOD’S TREASURES You are no ordinary creation, Wake-up and open your eyes, ‘He’ has gifted you treasures aplenty, Be thankful and gratefully wise! This splendid sky and wonderful earth, The vast expanse of the imitless universe, Lively creatures on soil and in sea, Open your heart and witness them converse! ‘He’ has created things cute n nice, So that you may love and enjoy, Though also made hardships to face, To save you from turning coy! ‘He gave you senses and sensibility, To experience all that belongs to Him, Heat and rain, love and pain, And a balance of mind to skim! Open your heart and spread your arms, To embrace all His creation, All joy is yours in abundance, That is, in fact, your real destination!!!
Open Up, The World is Yours-I ENLIGHTED OUTLOOK Consider no man evil or good, Only good or bad deeds, Everyone is a victim of the mindset, What the circumstances dictate, he heeds! There is no nice person who can’t do wrong, And none evil who will not do good, Be a right medium to each one, And you will probably be understood ! Each one is a creation of God, Everyone is His son, He resides in all of us, None deserves to be shun ! Believe in the laws of nature, Have faith in everyone’s innate goodness, Never have a doubting vision, Welcome each one with kindness ! An inviting expression be your durable robe, Don’t move out without a leaky smile, Let it endear you to even your enemies, Never disappoint others even for a while ! Don’t ever show frustration or be judgemental, In anyone’s wrong actions, Keep on the optimism, manage ‘objectively, Succeed with right path-selections ! Never be unhappy for someone’s wrong-doings, Keep high your emotional reserve, Absorb quietly any harm done, Persverence will surely serve ! Let positive energy flow from you, Never-endingly from your emotion-charged heart, Strike the right chord with everyone, On the focus like a dart !!!
Happiness-IV BLESSED in HAPPINESS All creation is ‘His’ and very perishable, And so we are, with all sensibility, Overcome the pain with courage, Remove all gloom and let there be glee! Sprinkle happiness around with abundant zeal, And see the bloom engulf you, Smile with all, share sorrow with few, You’ll beget blessedness and a life anew !!!
Happiness-III OVERCOME THRU PRAYER Be humble but steadfast in perplexities, Never allow ‘em to blur your mind, Faithfully pray for wisdom, As ‘He’ is unfailingly kind! ‘He’ wants you to better yourself, By putting challenges before you. ‘He’ knows you will overcome smilingly, Wranglings of any hue!!!
Happiness-II AMBITIOUSNESS v/s HAPPINESS Avoid most imaginary misfortunes, By looking not above but down, You can’t be happy if heights are the yardstick, Even if you inherit the crown! Ambitiousness is the life-in-action indeed, Yet not make it your happiness, Strive you must ‘cause it is ordained, But don’t forget the true-self in indebtedness !!!
Happiness-I REALITIES OF LIFE Realities of life are too harsh, Unbelievable truths as bitter pills. Avoid attachment thereto dear, Don’t compromise on your happiness! Take the realities in your stride, Enjoy life even in strife. Manage difficulties with an objective mind, As misfortune is ever so rife! Everywhere one can find such scenarios, People trying to seek forgetfulness, From the problems profound, By being aloof, avoidance n even drunkenness !!!
Grateful to You (Translation of the poem 'Ehsaan') Thankful indeed I am to you, That you gave me your picture. Doesn't matter if you havn't given me your heart, At least I am fortunate enough to have you in my memories! I got the fortune of having you in my arms, In the sacred path of love, At least in dreams if not in reality, I got you in my eyes for ever! You called me free-heartedly, It felt as if I got a heavenly shelter, Even if to say good-bye, At least you looked at me! I wasn't born with so much luck, Written in my fortune lines, But I got the light of life, By being imprisoned by your thoughts for life! Your portrait has become more precious Than this life has been to me, Even if to give me mere solace, At least you have made my life meaningful!!!


CX. RELATIONSHIPS So close yet so far, Are these loved ones. So much full of contrast, Are these worldly relations! Located closest to your existance, But always yearning for freedom. The bond of too much love, Sometimes brings a lot of boredom! Distances from the beloved ones, Bring the pangs of love. Feeling the pain of separation badly, Asking always, ‘Aap aoge kab?’ When they come close after long, They enjoy the game of love again, Blissfully till eternity thus goes on, Story of worldly love is all over the same!!!


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