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He has been in my year for the last 6 years, but until September I didn’t even know he existed, but he knew exactly who I was. Were totally different, I’m a lot more sociable than him and he’s, well a bit of a ‘geek’. He became one of my best friends, but I started to like him, I assumed he didn’t feel the same. So I distanced myself from him so it didn’t seem like I was hitting on him, and were just really good friends, which was 5 months ago.Just over a month ago we went on an exchange trip, and when we were out one night he told me that he had liked me for ages and I was the best thing that had happened to him, and we’ve been going out since. But since we’ve got back from that trip I can’t get used to being him another way except best friends and mucking around, I stay away from him most of the time when were in school, I don’t know why. I get so much teasing and abuse from all my friends in my year the year above because they think he’s geek, I know it shouldn’t influence me, but people are always watching me when I’m with him, and I’m always awkward. I feel so bad and I think I’ve confused him, he’s very quiet especially around girls so he wouldn’t talk to me about it. I just don’t know how I can or if I can get out of the habit of being friends. Help!

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