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Hi, Im Jamie, most people call me J. my inspiration comes from my mother, who died when i was 13. My best friends are my sister, and mary. We love sitting around fires and listening to GOOD music. i am attending the university of new hampshire and having a blast here!

In our world today there are many flaws. We all need take a
step back, to slow down, and realize that we were given an amazing gift the day
we were born, LIFE.

…And we were given that gift to learn about love. Love is a beautiful thing. It
comes in all shapes, all sizes, all ages, all races. It may come when you least
expect it, or when you need it more than ever. It happens in friendships, in
families, even between enemies. One thing I know is that we would not be human
without it. Embrace it, trust it, feel it. Everyone needs love in their life to
really feel alive.

…And we were given that gift to learn about beauty. Beauty is in everything. It is
in a person, a flower, a color, a song, and it is in you. Everyone has beauty,
no matter your age, race, weight, or height. The power to see beauty lies
within you. The ugly comes out when a person is too naive to see this, when
they make fun of someone because of irregularities. See the beauty in
everything and everyone around you. It will make your life more beautiful; it
will make you feel alive.

…And we were given that gift to learn about friendship. True friendship is
unconditional. You are with each other in the dark times of your past, and the
brightness of your future. You are there for guidance, laughter, agony, and
happiness. Friendship is not shown in the amount of friends you have on
facebook, but in the few you confide in and trust on a daily basis. It is the
people you go to when everyone else turns away. Trust in each other, never
forget one another, you are what make each other feel alive.

…And we were given that gift to learn about happiness. Happiness is in all of the
above-mentioned categories. It is simple. When you hear someone tell you I love
you, when you see a beautiful flower, when a friend makes you laugh a
gut-wrenching laugh. It is in the memories of your past, the happenings of your
present, and the boldness of your future. Smile, laugh, cry, it makes you feel

…And we were given that gift to learn about pain. Pain comes to us in many ways. We
face it physically or emotionally. Physical pain is easier; it’s the emotional
that trips us up. Whether it’s from the loss of someone we love, or from the
anxiety of not being accepted, everyone feels it. For some it is easier to face,
others cannot handle it, but feeling life is when you overcome the pain. Work
at it, don’t give up, and you will feel alive.

…And we were given that gift to learn about death. Death is hard. Bereavement is
even harder. Whether you are staring your own death in the face or dealing with
someone else’s, it is a part of life. Do not fear it, accept your fate, it will
make you feel alive.

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I miss you more than anything,
I miss your lack of grace.
I miss your gorgeous bright blue eyes,
That lay upon that gorgeous face.
I hated how we ended things,
and how you broke my heart.
I really meant it when i said,
"i never want to be apart."
Now I hear your voice at night,
just inside my head.
I close my eyes and think of you
when I'm tucked up nicely in my bed.
I miss the stupid things we shared,
I miss the long talked nights.
I even miss our arguements
that turned into stupid fights.
I pray to God that you miss me
cause i don't know what to do.
We're perfectly imperfect, baby,
just us, me and you.

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Last night i dreamt
about my mother,
she asked,
"How are you?, and you're brother??"
I said we're doing okay,
but you know we're missing you.
Each and every day
I hope and pray it isn't true.
You're the one, who raised me up
whenever i was down.
You put a smile on my face,
now instead, i wear a frown.
I try so hard, to do my best,
in everything i do.
But you just don't understand,
How hard it is to push on through.
Daddy says i can do better,
at school and at the house.
He doesn't get how sad i am,
I cry as quiet as a mouse.
My eyes are red from missing you,
my thoughts are always racing,
of you, and all the different
troubles, that i would be facing.
She said, "Hey j, i hope you know,
you are my shining star.
I'm always watching down on you,
even though its from afar."

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I wish to see your eyes,
staring back at mine.
To see those gorgeous eyes,
shining, oh so fine.
Please just grab my hand,
and never go away.
Since you have been near me,
I've been loving every day.
I wake up with a smile,
and my day ends with a grin.
My heart is yours for always,
I hope you never trade it in.
My stomachs tied in knots,
and my legs are feeling weak,
I swear to god, I'm falling more,
You're beautifully unique.

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In the sky there is a star,
i wish, i wish, i wish,
so hard
for you to finally notice me
and realize we are meant to be.
Your eyes, they shine,
upon my heart,
I wish to never be apart
and hold you tightly
in my grip
as i begin to part my lip.
I wish, I wish, I wish,
so hard,
I wish, I wish
upon this star.


Theres a beautiful life
played by me
In a beautiful world
with a boy saying softly
Please don't doubt, anything
you've worked for, and dont
regret all the doors that have closed.
Cause in the end,
new windows will open,
And you'll find that
your mistakes won't matter.
Please don't worry,
I promise you'll be okay
You've gotta stop
digging your own grave,
Cause the hole
will get way to deep,
and you'll be stuck for

I said to him,
you've gotta bare with me,
it's hard to climb,
when you're feeling so weak
Please grab my hand
and save me from this darkness
Give me a voice,
Perhaps the words to speak
a guiding light, along
this path to find my

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Jewels that fool, a loving hoax, is what you gave to me. my heart ripped out, a bloody romance, that's just what this may be. green-eyed suicide, all it took, was just one look that gave you my heart's key. you were my everything, my heart's greatest desire, was it that hard to see?

Written by Jamie2222
Submitted by Jamie2222


Decamber 11th 2003,
the worst day of my life
you left us down here
without a warning,
questioning everything
left here hopeless
without our mother
to guide, to teach, to show
I remember
crying for hours, for days,
not knowing what to do
not able to say a word
to anyone, or anything
my heart collapsed
my body felt numb
my eyes were dried out
yet I still cried
I couldn’t imagine
living the rest of my life
without you in it
without the only person
who really knew me
to help through everything
and anything
I still don’t know how
I’m still lost
I still cry
because without you
nothing is the same
without you
my whole life is changed.

December 11, 2003 Valerie F. Gamba-REST IN PEACE-forever and always the best mother

Written by Jamie2222

Submitted by Jamie2222

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Love what is it? do you know? I know I don't have a clue what it is I know it's him the way I feel when were together I think that love no I know that love I know it's him and the feeling I get when I'm with him it's indescribable truly amazing so I guess I have a clue of what love really is it's me and you.

Written by Jamie2222
Submitted by Jamie2222
Wear your heart on your sleeve to show how much you care wear you heart on your sleeve showing love that is so rare zoom your eyes in on mine to feel the loving heat zoom your eyes in on mine there’s no feeling that will beat wrap your arms around my waist to express your true affection wrap your arms around my waist no doubts at all to mention place your hand on my cheek to put us in that moment place your hand on my cheek knowing exactly what it meant brush your soft lips over mine to share a gentle kiss brush your soft lips over mine together in loving bliss.

Written by Jamie2222
Submitted by Jamie2222


Stop Play Pause RewindWish life was like a movie? Stop when it gets too scary pause to figure out rewind to take back things you said and play to stop the doubts if my life were a movie I would do a few things different I'd rewind to say I love you more and pause to hold that kiss I'd play to keep it going, there's nothing we would miss but if my life were a movie, I'd never push the square for if I did, we both know our love wouldn't go anywhere.

Written by Jamie2222
Submitted by Jamie2222


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