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Hi my names isabella,

Im a solicitor.
part time hobbies are reading writing singing and dancing.
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Someone wise once told me something that i will never forget, i use it as the basis of every green monster decision:

"Jealousy works the exact opposite way you want it too"'

Be true to yourself, live and breathe life. you only get once chance, one life. Dont blow it on jealous rants.
Smile, smile uncontrollably!!
Just think there a worse things in life.

Another day, another night.
wondering what we did right?
i will never find anyone like you.

Your big heart matches your big buldging eyes.
I love your stare and the smell of you hair when the wind catches it.
Your so beautiful.

You make me smile,
and i know for a split second your mine.
i feel i have truly found my soul mate.

someone i can relate to,
someone i can joke, laugh cuddle and just talk too.

I live for our conversations, and breathe to be surrounded by you.
this love feels to good to be true.

i love you.
with every beat my heart makes.
to me you are the definition of perfect and i will forver be thankful for him who sent you too me.
you are my friend.
my love.
my everything.

Written by bella

Submitted by bella

Written by bella

Submitted by bella

Written by bella

Submitted by bella

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