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am simple. be nice to me and you'll find me enough for your happy days.

When the darkness appear
i began to feel fear...
I think i need you here
so i wont be scared...


 'Need you in my life'
for me to feel at ease in
these lonely nights...

'Need you in my bed'
for me to forget the pain
that's in my head...


 Baby don't say goodbye
for this eyes will shade a tears

Baby don't go away and make me cry
for this heart will sleep forever




by: mila almonia fri, april 22, 2005 4:18:22 AM

my nights is so cold without feeling your
warm embraced and hot kisses...
my nights is so lonely without hearing your
soft voice to my ear that whisper its me you'd miss...

tears of mine becomes a body sweat,as you
filled my mind with such sweet mem'ries...

when its raining there's a sunshine that
pampered me from becoming wet and colds...
you are the lights that stolen my heart from
the darkness and bring it under the moonlight...

sometimes thinkin' of you
makes my heart shade a tears...
without hearin' your words
i think i had cried a years...


 as cute as the  colourful stars~
  was your eyes,.

as happy as   me ~
was your smile,.


don't you know that~
starring at you make me lose control?
don't you know that~
dreaming of you i can't explain at all?


by:mila melendrez almonia

mon,jan 24,2011
05:37 am
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mila melendrez almonia


A love from the heart is really far awy from the things they called lust.
 But a love without lust can never be so true.

Written by mila almonia

Submitted by mila almonia

The time we've met is quite nice we drink, we laugh and shares till the jokes The nights went so fast and I began to ask myself "why I like him"? So until then I enjoyed staring at him Hugging him without even thinking If he likes me in return... Months passed so quick and we've met again And the thoughts I have is that I was not a one night stand for him as what I think... There's never a day that he's not in my thoughts To be with him is lossing my mind I don't know why but I really couldn't help myself Couldn't help myself from wanting and needing him Day and night Thinking of him makes me hot! Dear mike, please be mine for sometimes?!

Written by mila almonia
Submitted by mila almonia
Life is a brilliant precious gift we had borrowed, so we should make the most of it. Enjoy life while you can.

Written by mila almonia
Submitted by mila almonia
When I met you, you're face never gone in my sight You're like someone I cared the most but you're word from all was the worst! I admit I like you dar mike but things always changed with me and you in my sleepless nights your face occupied my mind Days passed byand your sweet lies revealed how I hated to end my life that I haven't enjoyed yet., it's because of you... that I like the most I don't know why my heart trembles everytime I think of you I don't know why my body such in heat each time I see your face.

Written by mila almonia
Submitted by mila almonia

Love ain't a game to be played everytime we want, it's a precious gift which needed to hold a big spot in our lives!

Written by mila almonia
Submitted by mila almonia
My tears started fallen' down fallen' down coz you're not around My sleepless nights goes on & on it's you i think of all night long IF only i can be with you all of the time... I don't need to waste a single tears If only i can do everythin' i won't let you go my darlin' I'd be a fool if you'll leave coz you're the one i love and i really need! Submitted by mila almonia
You walked away with my heart in your hands You walked away without knowing who's crying behind You walked away with tears in my eyes You walked away and took the love out of my life Now that you'd left i live my life without a face Now that you'd left i cry without a tears Submitted by mila almonia

Im feeling cold inside my heart... Im feelin' cold because you torn our love a part... Im feelin' cold every night and day Wishin' you're here to give warmth on my cold body Submitted by mila almonia

I never wanted to play... play, some nonsense games with our love I never wanted to see you far away away from someone that loving you much I will always follow you follow you wherever you may go I will always love you.. loving you, even if you say no! Submitted by mila almonia
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