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music is my religion lol. like to play tennis , guitar , piano, football and slalom skating.
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University is suppose to be the place whereu set out your destiny

But let me tell you my view personally cusuniversity as only worsened me

You get out what you put in, simple asthat, but the temptations of a student life are too hard to combat

I’m Struggling to get my life on track, setbacksoften appear,i know i’ts the motivation i lack , and too me thats clear

I fear I’m gonna just let it go, I’ve hadmy chance, a chance I’ve blown, and allalong I’ve known, I’ve let myself down and I ain’t grown.

Butwho am i to moan i put myself in this predicament, my family show care n lovebut I don’t need this medicament. N i wish i could reciprocate but i can’t, mylife disintegrate, i just feel inadequate, they’d be better off without me, aghost left to haunt.

N it’s not that i don’t want to, its that ifeel i cant , inadequate feeling they i aren’t n i never will be, , its justnot who i am n i stand here in guilt , ive failed my family and myself ,n iveruined my career and my health,

and i may appear to not care but stare longenough into my eyes and its there, distraught dissatisfied embraced by selfhate

Im not expecting people to relate , butthere must of been a time where you look at mirror and feel pure hate,disgraced at urself knowing your just like the people of the unemployment rate,I’M not saying it was my fate but its too late to change

Rearrange the way im living, give back whati get given, thats all i want to do proof to myself its worth living i want myparents to receive a whole year of thanksgiving.

My past aint that great n my futures lookin the same

N i hate to admit but im the only one to blame

Below average credentials, working 5% of my potential

But Its essential that i try to break these chains

N experience a life of benefit n gains

Still needing support, hurting the peoplewho have faith in me, knowing I’ve let them down considerably, and the onlyperson to blame is me. i hate myself , ihate what ive become, i hate this waster scum they were once proud to calltheir son.

Sat here its clear i fear what ive become ,ma tears left here to dry up in the sun

Sat here its clear i fear what ive become,my tears left here to dry up in the sun

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I cry my heart out every single day
Wishing, hoping for a way
Where I can touch your skin
Fill you in, with what’s on my mind
Praying, hoping you’ll find a way
To turn back time

Clouded internally, eyes notably glowing
Erupting emotions externally flowing

I Tried breaking this routine, free me from myself
Alone in this journey, lips locked, heart shocked
Aching, pleading to change, to better my health

Wealthy in this currency of tears,
Fears evolve, overloading, minds exploding with this weight
I’ve given up, 'n' left my destiny down to fate

This infinite love fuelling my heart shouts out for you, screaming for attention.
My soul threaded, embedded and entwined with yours is shouting out for
I’m standing highlighted in green, jealousy beyond my control,
Landing in a quilt of serene blue, I repel you, infect your soul

Waiting, admiring, desiring you whole
Feel free to join me on this road
Mentally, physically, loves taken its toll
Aid me with this heavy load

This is my dream, my wish and hopes
will these words below ever be spoke?

I love you,
and I’m squeezing you tight
I’m never letting you go
I hold your hand and connect are fingers
for this feeling shall forever flow

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When were parted I feel down and ill
you’re my lover, my addiction, my daily pill.

I need you here to hold me tight
still my fears throughout the night.
pull me close and kiss my lips
hold me tight with your fingertips

the physical side is nothing compared
to the emotional feelings, that we’ve shared
lay with me now, snuggled in this quilt
and enjoy this love we have gradually built

candles burn out, fires are weak
but this flame’s eternal, our love is unique
my heart is yours, my soul is bound
to your entire existence, true love I’ve found

I look into your eyes and see my future

I hold your hands and feel my life

I listen to your heart and hear 2 beats
Together were entwined and our rhythm meets
One is yours and one is mine
This love that’s present is so divine

Never let me go, I urge you to listen
My tear drops start to fall
my eyes are puppy dogged and they start to glisten
My fear is that your love will stall

I love you, and I’m squeezing you tight
I’m never letting you go
I hold your hand and connect are fingers
For this love shall forever flow.

#love, #apart, #hurts

Slowly drifting, silence creeping, hearts wounded, cuts seepingEncrypted smiles, forbidden pleasures, lonely miles, hidden treasuresBeauty crafted, souls free, truly wanting unity Throw your spikes of sarcasmOverwhelm me with darts of destructionPierce me with your shafts of emerald green staresJealousy condensed into crystal like éclairs.A Delicious deceit viciously discreetAdmiring me, desiring me, obsessively wanting me Eternity is forever ticking away. Your wrinkles display wisdom,Your veteran skin is your justification of existence.You’ve lived and gave others the opportunityFor that I’m thankfulOur souls hold the key to eternal peace and unity.Allow us to live and experienceYou have the steering wheel of your own destinyYour fate is in your hands of existenceLife is your own path, now start walking.
It’s strange to be here, the mystery never leaves u alone, the image of our future destined upon us with the hearts of goldthis deep infinite love fuelling my heart shouts out for you, screaming for attention. My soul threaded, embedded and entwined with yours is shouting out for acception.We both possess and sense this deep love that lingers in the air, Patient yet anticipating, ready to jump. You have opened my eyes, and for now I stare, Listening to the rhythmic bass my heart thumps.Although the word love is repeated and mislaid, beaten and made sour . It’s the meaning of love I show which is the infinite power. I’m weakened by your existence, I feel for you, I’m hurt and need you to heal me. Conceal my scars and feel me, I do love you and forever will If you’re not with me physically then search into my heart I will be with you mentally For true love cannot part.
Humongous words amaze minimalist minds, horrendous rhythmic beauty streaming eternal lies, flow forever floating upon a never ending stream, corrupted disrupted by broken down beams. Shattered, clouded internally , reaching externally , erupting waves crash impulsively onto your torn soul, the mood changes directions persuaded to reverse into blackened holes, goals clouded aims shrouded mist is visible life is miserable, drunk is vocabulary. sounds mean words and words equal jumble, splattered, pissed, u get the gist , this is blabber with a point I’m drunk but not fully, fill me more with your yellow poison, add red bull enter my mind shatter my head retard my brain I’m backwards yet walking forwards I’m stable yet on the floor, I’m on my own two feet but leaning , I’m numb and bleeding yet I have no feeling. pity me, spit on me, its your own choice, but ignore my voice its wrong, I’m possessed by this depressant, a social drink that makes u anti – social – where’s the sense in that where’s your thinking hat help me clear my mind its hard to find a rhyme that’s designed to dodge those invisible mines, planted everywhere you go, sometimes you should say NO before you do become drunk.


Theres no reason for you to leaveangel you just gotta believeI'm the one to retrievethe love we weavedWe can be come strongerAre hearts beat longerAre feelings grow fonderYou misunderstood the feelings I portraitI don’t want you and me to fadeDissolving the love we madeWe have a connectionA special sparkWe showed such affectionYou left me a markGive us another chanceWe’d make it throughYou know I’ll always love youDon’t you feel the same?I know I was to blameBut she’s now an old flameAlready burnt awayIt’s just me and youI’m with you, what ever you choose to doJust remember I'll always love you.
Written by tom bennett
Submitted by tom bennett

#second, #chance

It’s you who I despiseYou bring fear to my eyesBurning the hatred insideTaking me on a twisted rideI’d like to find and grindThe thoughts in your mindBind and winedThe words in your mindThe flames of my heart are fuelled by youThe chains of my heart are broken by youThe thoughts in my head of what I’ll doMy crippled soul as black as coalMy spirit has no controlMy body pierced upon a poleLeaving bloody wounded holeIt’s wise to compromiseI advise no liesThe sound of cries riseYou disguise to surpriseBut I know who you areYour car, your scarSmoking your cigarI’ve found you at lastA spell I castYour heart beats fastYou’re gone in a blast
Written by tom bennett
Submitted by tom bennett


Suffocation caused by daily eventsalteration caused by offencetwisted ways, corrupted viewsfading away, ready to looseterrified of what life has to bringalways wondering what’s on the other sideyour a bird with a broken wingthe gaps just too widedisheartened blackened life’sunnoticed as there washed awaythey have been mutedno words they can saythe sea of wasters is ignoredthere hearts have a punchernew life’s they cant affordthey’ve been blocked from realityisolated from humanityThe sea of wasters flows onready to be filled upwith more waste.
Written by tom bennett
Submitted by tom bennett


My heart as belonged to you since the day we met
I kept you warm inside, held you close as we watched the sunset
My love for you is deeper than deep
I gave you my trust its there to keep

I reach deep into its core
My feelings grow stronger
I love you more and more
My love grows fonder

Why can’t I see you here?
Kissing my lips, with your hands around my waist
Why can’t I wipe away your tear?
And feel how love tastes

Wondering when you’ll give in to my love
Let the walls around you collapse
The words “I love you”
Give you a shock and you gasp

You definitely feel the same
But you’re in a difficult position
I’m the one to blame
There’s no need for a decision
Take my heart and I'll take yours
Forget our pasts and heal our sores

I will be with you forever

Written by tom bennett

Submitted by tom bennett

#love, #poem

I’m falling apartmy twisted soulmy blackened holeonce was my heartno thought, no feelingno reason, no meaningis there a path for mea place to bemaybe a chosen destinyno memory, no sensemy actions have no consequencewhy am I herewhy do I stayis there anywayI can get awayI’m a waste of spacethere is no expression on my motionless faceis there a way to disappearseeing everyone crying and smilingwhich I know I cant doas I’m a frozen objecta sculptured statueno way to be freeno way to be meI’m here but I’m worthlessI’m alive but yet lifelessI have no human qualitiesbut I’m still livingdoesn’t that countis my voice being heard or is no one listening?
Written by tom bennett
Submitted by tom bennett


As I open the window, I open it wideI feel the wind seep insideI stare at the sky, glaring at the starshearing the rare passing by of carsThis sort of moment I treasureseeing the beauty of the worldsensing the wind gently touching my skinMy breath creates a cloud of mistas the warmth from with-in enters the cold unknownthe world as a twistas the beauty is shownIt's a dark and gloomy nightbrightened with the city lightscreating pretty shadows for the treesthe leaves flow with the gentle breezeThe moon fades away as the sun starts to risethis beauty unimaginable to my very own eyesAs the lights are reflected of my pondthe water sparkles and glimmersthe light becomes stronger it begins to weaken the darkgradually day takes overthe birds start to singthe world is now awakeThe beauty is hidden awayas its a start to another day.
Written by tom bennett
Submitted by tom bennett

#beauty, #world

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