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Hi, I am a LoveLandia author endorsed to "Events" category. Thus I will be writing and posting mostly about different events such as St.Valentine's Day, engagement, wedding, graduation, homecoming, anniversaries, holidays and other special days of life...I am having a lot of material about hairstyles and hair care thus I'll start with them.Please be very careful and selective when using the tips I collected and shared with you. I am in no way liable in case any of these tips cause damage or no effect whatsoever.
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During the pregnancy, especially in its late terms, hair frequently pleases woman by getting strong and shining. It is promoted by saturating the organism with vitamins, nutrients; as well as by favorable hormone background. In return, in three or four months after delivery the opposite process can be... see more observed: hair is being lost; it suffers from fragility and looks lackluster. Do not get into panic! Your hair will re-acquire its beauty very soon, but it certainly needs to be assisted.“Thin” life of a hair.
On the average, an individual looses 60-80 hairs every day. Simultaneously, the same quantity of hair rises up to replace the lost ones. In the mean, a hair gains 2.5-3 inch of length every month. As soon as a new hair has been generated in a bulb, the old one comes out.

What do we know about our hair?

• Women’s hair lives up to ten years, and men’s only… 3 years.
• Blondes have the thickest hair – 140 thousand hairs, brunettes have 102 thousand, brown-haired – 109 thousand, red-haired – 88 thousand.
• Hair thickness is influenced by nationality and residence. Natives of south are known to have more marked scalp than northerners.
• In day time hair grows faster than at night.
• In spring-summer period hair growth is more active than in autumn and winter.
• Velocity of hair growing depends on age. The most active growing takes place between 15 and 30 years old, and it significantly slows down by 40.

Business ladies are in danger.

Unfortunately, not everyone affords bragging about splendid hair in modern life conditions. According to WHO data, in Europe, by 2010 seventy percent of males and ten percent of females will have been in jeopardy of getting bald. Yes, that is such a ”merry” statistics.

First of all, ladies, managers and businesswomen, get into the group of risk. The point is that women’s blood with strong temper contains superfluity of male hormone testosterone, which contributes to “business” baldness.

Why do we shed hair?

When hair skin and blood circulation conditions are in normal, there is no excessive hair loss.

Abrupt hairloss might be caused by:
• Reduction estrogen quantity (female sex hormone) after pregnancy, delivery
• Taking some contraceptives, which contain matters, raising level of androgen in blood.
• Bad blood circulation.
• Lack of hair nutrition.
• Operations with use of general anesthetic, contagious diseases of scalp.
• Excessive hair grease
• Deficient food (lack of vitamins and microelements).
• Stress
• Regular lack of sleep

Young mother may have several reasons of hairloss from the ones stated above: from hormone problems to the problems with sleep – you see, not every baby will sleep 5-6 hour, starting exactly from the first months of his life, especially if he has non-scheduled feeding and is nursed on request.

It is important to point out that there is no reason for panic anyway, because on the average hair loss stops in 4-6 months along with hormone reorganization of entire organism. The question is how much hair you might lose. Intense loss and thinning out of hair can be prevented by proper care, which also contributes to rehabilitating the damaged hair and scalp.

Method of maintaining your hair.

To tell the truth, here you won’t find any advice like “you shouldn’t sleep less than 8 hours a day”, or “forget about stress and always keep calm”. I say that sufficient sleep and peace of mind are almost unique phenomenon for a young mother.

One more obstacle is permanent lack of time for your personal needs. Therefore, try not to refuse help from your relatives: it’s good if someone of them could look after your baby for 15-20 minutes while you are taking care of yourself.

One of my friends is confessing:
In four month after delivery hair loss started. During the next three months I might have lost a thirty percent of my hair, and it obviously got thin. But if there were no lack of time to care of myself all at once I wouldn’t have lost so much hair. At first, getting tired, I settled on opportunity of taking a nap for odd half an hour instead of going to do something. Having sounded the alarm, I made a start on trying some tried remedies for hair treating. Subsequently the process slowed down; less and less hair remained on the brush. In two more months I noticed that my hair was gradually being back to normal. My husband and mother helped me steal the time for my own sake and I am very grateful to them.

So then, try one of following effective methods of struggling against hair loss:

1. Apply steamed rye bread on wet hair, gently rub it into the skin and muffle up the head. In half an hour, massaging the scalp and rubbing the hair, wash out the bread and rinse the hair with one of grassy decoctions, for instance, infusion of nettle or rosemary.
2. Massaging head skin, rub yolk into the wet hair. Muffle up the head and in 30 minutes wash your hair, as if you are washing it with ordinary shampoo.
3. You might wash the hair with warm milky whey, properly rubbing it into the scalp.

Wrap up the head for half an hour, and then thoroughly rinse it with warm decoction or extract of herb in accordance with following recipes:

• Prepare the decoction of honey suckle stems (6 tablespoons per 1 liter of water, boil it for 10 minutes, then infuse for 30 minutes and strain) and apply it to wash your hair in case of hair shedding. Do it every other day during three weeks.
• In German folk medicine, the tincture of nasturtium and nettle leaves is used for rubbing into the skin in case of hair loss.
• Take 20 gr. of flag roots, 20 gr. of burdock’s roots, 25 gr. of nettle’s leaves, 10 gr. of calendula flowers and boil it in 1 liter of water during 5 minutes on a little fire. The decoction is supposed to be drawn in a warm place for 2 hours. Having strained it, apply the decoction for greasing the hair and light massaging, washing the hair in advance. Reiterate the procedure 5-6 times a month.
• Another effective mean to prevent hairloss is washing the hair with the decoction of flag root and burdock roots, applied 3 times a week during a month. To make up a prescription, take 2 tablespoons of both kinds of roots and add twain handfuls of hop cones. Then saturate it with 1 liter of boiling water, keep boiling for 5 minutes and infuse.
• Take 3 tablespoons of nettle and coltsfoot leaves each, brew them with 3.8 galloon of boiling water and strain the infusion after hour-long drawing. Wash your hair three times a week, massaging the scalp.
• If you have nothing garlic smell, try to rub garlic sap, mixed with honey in 1:2 proportion, into the scalp. Conduct the procedure every other day during a month. As the conclusion of the procedure thoroughly rinse the hair with one of the grass infusion with deodorant qualities, such as rosemary.

There are some more recipes, found on the Internet:
• Conduct a course of hair treatment composed of ten procedures: once a week it is necessary to apply a mask containing yolk, 6 drops of appropriate for you oil and 1 ml. of vegetable oil. Volatile oils of jojoba or avocado are more preferable. Chamomile, rosemary, sage, lemon, ylang-ylang, clary, lavender are volatile oils, frequently applied for treating of hair loss as well. Oil of manuka jojoba is used against dandruff. Failing jojoba, it might be substituted for another one. The mixture should be evenly applied along the hair. Then cover your head with a cap, wait for 40-90 minutes and wash the head.
• If you don’t have allergy for onion, proportionally mix onion sap and honey, and rub the mixture into the scalp 30 minutes before washing. It is obligatory to use after wash balms and brush the hair very carefully. To provide stronger hair growth you may make a shorter haircut.
• One more “onion” recipe: add onion peel to the decoction of oak rind. Boil for 5 minutes. This recipe is useful for greasy hair especially.
• With massaging motions, keep rubbing the fine salt into the skin of your head during 2-3 minutes, then wash the hair with shampoo.

Some more ways to help hair.

• In post-natal period take multivitamins for nursing mothers
• Limit salty, smoked and marinated food. This recommendation will easier be kept by breast-feeding mothers: this is an anti-allergic diet for nursing mothers.
• Use fan as rarely as possible – hot stream bereave hair of moisture and makes it fragile. You’d better make towel- turban and let the hair get dry naturally.
• Change your hairbrushes more frequently; micro fissures on them are niches for reproduction of skin-damaging microbes.

I sincerely hope that my article will help you keep the beauty of your hair after delivery.
Written by Trisha Wood
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Do you pay attention to girls advertising new congenial shampoo? Do they have bright makeup? No… Oh, have they fantastic jewelry? No… May be this is a pair of an elegant shoes you dream the whole life about that has arrested your attention during the fleeting 6 seconds of ads? .. Surely, no. Your... see more attention is captured by splendid, well-groomed, thick, long… chic hair!In case the advertisements were far from real life there won’t be any sense for it to exist. Out of lack of time you may not pay much effort to your makeup or even throw out of your head the thought about specially bought pendent for your new blouse and go barefoot at all! These all may turn to be just a background if you have finely set hairdo.
If your hair has a healthy looks so that it is very hard to resist temptation to touch it to check whether it is real or not, you’ll be easily forgiven for all the rest.
So to have your hair perfectly set without much effort taken when drying you need to know the following things:
The hairstyle that would suit you the best way and regularly maintained.
You won’t have any necessity in blow-drying, hot rollers or hair curlers if your hairstyle is masterly maintained. This will not only save your time but also help to keep your hair healthy for in this case you may avoid such problems as both the natural humidity loss and mechanical influence. This especially is a question of vital importance for those who washes hair every day.
Else it is important to refresh your hairstyle regularly.
The point here is that a hair grows each with its own speed and even the best hairstyle will lose its precision form in 4-5 weeks.
The care that suits your hair type.
Everything will work well on your hair that makes it smooth. It might be some sour conditioner that is applied on your hair after the basic washing and wash off immediately, or, a lotion, that should be left on hair (for example moisturizing one if your hair is dry and spiny to the touch, or some volumising lotion to add shine and volume to thin hair).
These products can be used regularly. They cover the surface of a hair with a thin film to provide it with flexibility and make it less sensitive to the high temperatures of blow-drying and other means of hair set.
Nourishing and protective effect can be also achieved by some intensive medicinal courses. Such hair care products should be left on hair for 10 minutes, they usually contain special nutrients to make your hair smooth and enrich it with the missing elements.
Note! Excessive hair care can be equally dangerous as well as its lack. Your hair will suffer from this excessive attention and will make you suffer too: it becomes naughty and hard to set. The reason? This is likely the over-use of hair medicinal products.
The basic rule: no more than once in a week, lotion or conditioner- it depends on your hair type (it is even recommended in one wash). Besides after you’ve discovered that your hair is oversaturated with all kinds of products applied you should stop their usage for some time and moreover change the shampoo for the neutral one.

The mechanical and chemical stresses avoidance.
Let’s start with the fact that damp hair is more sensitive inasmuch as keratin contained in its structure softens thus making hair structure more vulnerable. You shouldn’t try to comb it right after washing – it can be stretched that will inevitably lead to fragility of hair and will make it weak.
The most reasonable decision you can make here especially if you have long hair is to dry it a bit with your fingers or use for this a special comb with rare tooth. Hold your hair in the middle while combing and start to comb not from the roots of it but from the ends. Don’t use metal comb – good plastic will be better here.
Dry your hair step by step without fan; first using a towel then your fingers (rare toothed comb). Afterwards use the fan at max level. And only then when there is not much humidity left in your hair switch the fan to the lower regime to shape it.
Do not bring the fan close to hair. The stream of the air should pass from the roots to the ends. The best for your hair is to let it dry naturally as often as possible.
Special attention should of course be paid to the instruments used. Combs, brushes and curlers of a low quality break the structure of a hair and even make it prone to breakage at the thin points. In case your hair is subjected to a lot of everyday manipulations sooner or later it will become naughty, lackluster and coarse.
The main thing you should pay attention to here is that the teeth of your comb should be made round. The most optimal are mixed combs having one part of the teeth made from natural materials, whereas the other part – from artificial.
Round combs are best for curling especially if short and long teeth are combined that will do a lot not to tangle your hair while drying.
Do not use curlers with stickers or thorns on sensitive hair. You’d better then use rollers with soft surface.
Written by Trisha Wood
Submitted by Trisha Wood#beauty, #hairstyles, #hair, #styles, #haircuts, #cuts, #hair-do, #hairdo, #tips, #split, #ends, #fashion, #events, #prom, #homecoming, #men, #2006, #black, #short, #wedding, #hairs
There is nothing more exciting and pleasant than to array oneself in an evening dress, that will turn you into a real goddess and as a result will ensure you many men’s excited stares. The beauty, finesse and sophistication of the unique masterpieces of the great designers attract and inspires but... see more gradually the enthusiastic look gives way to thoughtful expression: for what occasion this “magnificence” should be put on? It will be quite o.k. for the New Year party or solemn soiree but you will acquire pretentious air if wearing it for a birthday party. Such a dress is an excellent way to “shine” when going in restaurant or a great stars party. So, let’s go there, where without any shade of confusion or any other conventionalities you will be able to try on that very image of Cinderella at her first enchanting ball.The Forest Fairy
Do you want to be compared with a forest fairy, elf, enchantress or Eve? Then, pay your attention to the true work of art by Jean Paul Gaultier. Look how much elegancy, grace, charm and sexuality are hidden in it! The green gauze wrapping the body is studded with tiny posies and leaflets. The basis of the dress is a flesh-colored corset decorated by the legendary fashion designer with garlands of green petals. Green cobweb and a cascade of leaves and blades of grass are used to serve as a skirt. It looks like a naked body is decorated with spring foliage.
The Hawaiian princess
Ungaro suggests very extraordinary dress reminiscent of rare pearl brought from the burning exotic Islands. Try to get a perfect tan before you’ll put on this dress for the bodice of the dress is nothing more than the gauzy white lace embroidered with exclusive flowers. The slinky skirt with a long train creates a fluffy feathery image reacting to every breath of the air and jutting out extensively while walking. However if to take a more deep look one can noticed a tiny parts of chiffon, tulle and taffeta joined together. The necklace of white flowers will add to your perfection and will stress the beauty of your tan.
Cinderella or the Little Witch
Chanel’s delicate pink dress with its luxuriant skirt and a corset while being deprived of any ornamental details and adornments looks most likely to be the dress Cinderella attended her first ball at the Palace. The shine of chiffon, the foam of lace and the bright satin are here to stress the freshness, youth and virginity of the young princess whereas the simplicity and naiveté of the apparel itself emphasizes the semi-transparent chiffon mantelet and a pink flower fixed in the hair. Nevertheless if you want to have bold and even provoking look you’d better wear black slinky low-cut dress with a long train. The make up should be made in dark shades plus long loose hair – does it resemble you somebody? Probably Karl Lagerfeld was guided by the vivid image of Marticia from “The Addams Family”.
The Queen of Flowers
This striking beauty attracts and inspires. Christian Lacroix flower-dress will make you look like an exotic delicate flower. Slinky bodice with a low waistline alongside with an incredibly luxuriant skirt consisting of large multicolored and chaotically fixed flounces is nothing more than the brilliant, enchanting and dangerous beauty in its true manifestation.
The Water-Nymph
You will obtain an effective look on the background of the beautiful sunset and mildly splashing waves dressed in the flowing dress with semi–transparent bodice and sleeves decorated with silver and paste stones designed by Versace. The soft fabric of dark and pale blue tints slowly changing from light to dark shades streams, flows, purls and sways down the body like a little flirty brook. Silvery open-toe sandals will do a lot to complete the image of the captivating water-nymph.
Czarina of Shamahan
Sensual and sexy eastern image. Ive Sen Loran has created simple but at the same time rather extraordinary dress made of golden brocade. It is more likely to be several pieces of the cloth delicately veiling hips and bosom and flirty revealing belly. No other accessories and decorations but a golden hood to look a bit mysterious.
Well, if from the images listed above you still didn’t find yours pay your attention to simple but elegant Valentino. The snowy cotton dress slightly bell-bottomed is supplemented with lacy insets and is decorated with tiny flowerets. Very timid and romantic.
Written by Trisha Wood
Submitted by Trisha Wood#beauty, #hairstyles, #hair, #styles, #haircuts, #cuts, #hair-do, #hairdo, #tips, #split, #ends, #fashion, #events, #prom, #homecoming, #men, #2006, #black, #short, #wedding, #hairs
Prom at primary school is one of the first significant events in the life of your child. Every girlie is dreaming to have a stunning look, whereas every mom wishes her daughter looks like a little princess. As the time passes and the girl grows older her mom has to resort to various tricks. The following... see more hairstyle is in a way a mom’s first practice of complicated hair setting, therefore the method is quite specific if not extraordinary.
The girl has long hair; moreover it is coarse and thick. Thus we have decided it will be easier to work with damp hair. So, comb damp hair, fasten it with covered elastic, leaving one tendril loosed at each ear. Divide secured hair into several sections. Twist each of them so to have a kind of braid and pin in an oval shape with invisible hairpin. Use blow-drying afterwards. Sweet curls at the sides can be created with a curling iron, and you’ll need to pin them for some time to preserve the form. Apply hair spray. Some time later let the pinned at each side tendrils fall down loosely. And here is a cute lovely girl!
Written by Trisha Wood
Submitted by Trisha Wood#beauty, #hairstyles, #hair, #styles, #haircuts, #cuts, #hair-do, #hairdo, #tips, #split, #ends, #fashion, #events, #prom, #homecoming, #men, #2006, #black, #short, #wedding, #hairs
They are always in the centre of the general attention, they are invited to the most prestigious events and famous designers consider it an honor to create for them their exclusive fashions. What is the secret of such popularity? They are gifted, lucky and everyone, of course, possesses her individual... see more style. Don’t you want to arrest everybody’s attention as well? Keep it in mind: to pleasantly strike means to have a knack of constant change. Do you want to amaze? Than your clothing should always correspond to the situation, moreover you should wear it stylishly. Don’t be afraid of rather ordinary things to win the sympathy of people, for this kind of clothing often does not belittle the true rank of the superstar, but act quite otherwise. Take the following tips as a guiding line. After all, celebrities do not mind we copy them.Evening clothing – jeans!
Sounds strange? But in case stars wear them to the prestige parties why not you to try the same? It’s just worth adding glamour to the jeans itself: shoes and accessories.

Easy…and smartly.
Are you going to the restaurant but do not want to have too official look? Simply put on an evening skirt and ordinary T-shirt. This quite suits for the office if not being stressed with coquettish bright kerchief that alters your appearance radically.
Masterclass of drapery.
In case you haven’t the chance to appreciate the true value of all possible shawls, scarves and neckerchiefs before you may one more time make sure that they are both helpful not to become cold and to hide some extra pounds. They will turn out to be true masterpieces when in skilful hands.
Revealing décolleté is surely to have success.
It is really worth trying. Do not hesitate over a choice. You will have stunning star look in this low-necked attire. Essential detail: the lower the décolleté, the more impressive your necklace should be.
And of course among your clothes there should be something universal just to be absolutely sure.
Merely combined bright and calm colors adding some striking detail in conclusion, for example satin skirt and high-heeled shoes, you will get a perfect look for an office, a business lunch or just for a shopping stroll.
Right Combination.
Irreproachable taste is a kind of talent that rare person is gifted. Uma demonstrates her true ingenuity. Her finery is always smart as itself, but it is only in combinations and multiple variations that it acquires special meaning and makes up her unique style.
Embodiment of success.
Some day you will surely have such dress in your wardrobe that is to become your secret weapon for special occasions. Beyond any doubt wearing it you will absorb general attention.
Indispensable attribute.
You should certainly have good business suit at your disposal. True, one never knows when an important meeting, trip or an official banquet might have been taken place. Besides you may wear it separately, in various combinations and for many occasions.
Dress is not obligatory.
Even super stars do not always appear before the cameras in evening dresses. For the official reception you may wear elegant trousers as well but in this case don’t forget to accentuate your uncommonly bright top.
Glitter in everything.
You may confine your clothing with just one shining detail or choose your toilet (dress, handbag, gloves, necklace, ear-rings and even skin) in such a way so that to have fantastically shining look from top to toe. No doubt following these tips you’ll become the queen of the ball.
Charm and smile.
There are such moments we can not stop wondering at how the stars manage themselves to look great even wearing ordinary clothes. Aren’t we the same? What prevents you from having the same stunning look? Just don’t forget to smile!
Written by Trisha Wood
Submitted by Trisha Wood#beauty, #hairstyles, #hair, #styles, #haircuts, #cuts, #hair-do, #hairdo, #tips, #split, #ends, #fashion, #events, #prom, #homecoming, #men, #2006, #black, #short, #wedding, #hairs
Modern couturiers, while creating a new image, have to realize their ideas not just into dresses, which are the beginning of everything, but into intricate hairdos as well because it is not possible to create any image without them. Dresses and hairdos often supplement each other very well and become... see more almost inseparable.
Young, unknown but awfully talented and experienced, popular hair stylists work in cooperation with modern couturiers. This is the whole army of professionals able to destroy a hairdo and to create a new hit instead of the old one.
You certainly understand that models are also different: some of them are ready for periodical changes even during the same fashion show and others, Claudia Shiffer for example, refuse any hairdo changes flatly.
Almost the same situation with short haircuts – if you have a short haircut you won’t get your hair long for a short time. And if you want long hair immediately you will have to lengthen it, tease, change color… Every master has his own secrets and sometimes ideas may come to mind during the fashion show. Stylists like true artists sculpt their models, following inspiration.
New ideas of hairdos are often born on the catwalk. Then they are caught by other masters, they finish them off and present these ideas as a fruit of their own fantasy. High fashion means fashion, hairdressers hold their own show – mastery show. Image portfolios of dressmakers and hairdos makers are different, in the first case dress is accentuated, in the second case hair is. But the first thing doesn’t exclude another one - they exist together.
Rough competition in fashion business makes even experienced masters increase their qualification, take over others’ ideas, spy on some others’ secrets. Thank to this competition we have what we have. Different modern courses are bound together bearing wonderful and incredible things.
Written by Trisha Wood
Submitted by Trisha Wood#beauty, #hairstyles, #hair, #styles, #haircuts, #cuts, #hair-do, #hairdo, #tips, #split, #ends, #fashion, #events, #prom, #homecoming, #men, #2006, #black, #short, #wedding, #hairs
This year with the autumn coming the open sensuality and defiant luxury is dominant not only in fashion, as for clothing but, first of all, in hairstyles. Further you will be introduced to three main trends.
First, today the hot brunette has come to take the place of a stunning blonde. So, the brandy,... see more red, chestnut and coffee colored hair and ringlets hanging loose down the shoulders are back in style.
You are lucky enough to have a natural volume and curly hair. Just apply a mousse or cream to wet hair before it will dry and slick your bang back (if you have). As for the rest of hair you can divide it into sections or strands and give wavy look to them.
The less successful those, who have naturally straight, fine and hard-to-manage hair. But don’t despair! You are recommended to use large curlers or fixing and setting products. Be sure to apply a little amount of fixing product at roots to avoid getting the undesired heavy look of your style. And well you will have a beautiful and fluffy hair-do.
Second, the various knots are very popular again. They can be both negligent, created in a hurry and complex, made of different braids. Be sure, that it’s better to avoid decorative accessories. You can add such hair pieces to your hair-do as clips or invisible hair pins.

For exam, the hair-do will look highly effective if you separate a part of hair for bang and the rest of hair can be slicked back. Make your hair two parted gathering it that meets at crown into two knots. Draw a thin strand of every knots. Braid every strands and place them wrapping around the base of knots (invisible hair pins are used to secure the hair ends). Next, you can draw other thin strands of knots and apply a little amount of hair wax to them. After that, place your bang behind your ears and add a touch of spray to your hair-do.

Third, the various tails are in style for today, placing up on top of the crown, or down at the nape, formal and prom, slicked smoothly and with strands out. Some women think that only two type of tails can be created. They are ponytail dressed up to the top and classic tail placed at the nape. But if you have a rich fantasy you are offered to experiment variety of styles and create something new.
For exam, gather all hair over the center and make several small tails starting at the forehead and ending at the nape. The ends of tails can be dressed up in “fountains”, falling below into two sides from the center. Separate a small strand off first tail and wrap it around the band. The small end of strand can be secured with invisible hair pin. Use the hair wax to pick out several strands and add some spray to your hairstyle. If you apply the hair ink to the strands you will get multi-colored “fountains”.
One more interesting exam: separate thin bang and slick the rest of hair back. Then divide your hair into two parts over a horizontal line of your nape: upper and lower. The upper part of hair can be dressed up in several small tails and placed around your head. The lower part of hair can be combed and the ends are brushed up. Remember to use a spray.
If you wear a simple square hair-do and you are with naturally dark-colored hair then this seemingly usual hairstyle can be changed into “something special” attracted looks. Just, gather your hair into two small tails at different height. Here, the ends and bang colored in copper, red will look amazing!
What women don’t invent to look especially great and beautiful!
The representatives of weaker half of mankind resort even to such tricks as to use the chopsticks for their hairstyle. With the help of chopsticks you can create unique and original look. Before you create this great style, you should wash your hair and dry them a little with a hot blow drier. Then your hair should be twisted in tight knot and secured with chopstick. When hair gets cold you can let them down without combing but only shaking them up. As a result, you will get a beautiful hair-do with volume locks.

Also, you can make different types of braids. The stylists especially advise to use the braids in various hairstyles from simple to very complex. Today, when many people take a great interest in ethnostyle, the different interweaving of hair is very popular. On the other hand, if you start growing hair you will be comfortable to wear it braided. The unmanageable growing hair strands can be braided and set neatly. So, in this case, such style will fit you best and will look great. Today, stylists offer to dress up braids by various mat ribbons such as laces or strings.
If you’d like to refresh your hair-do without scissors you’re offered to experiment with color. For exam, if you are blonde you can provide yourself with two or three tubes of multi-colored ink. You can color several strands and braid them with each other. If you are with naturally red hair, you can color the hair ends in black. It will give a unique look to your hair-do and will fit especially to perky persons.
Light brown hair will look more effective if they are highlighted a bit and the strands around the face are strongly lightened. Brunettes are advised to apply to hair three thin borders with the help of silver or gold hair ink.
All of these great hairstyles can be created by your own hands. Don’t forget to use your imagination and fantasy like many stylists offering new trends for the coming seasons.
Written by Trisha Wood
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Hair brushing is the simplest and the most necessary procedure of hair care and also an integral part of hair setting, that’s why hair combs and hairbrushes are the tools mostly used by women. You should pay big attention to the quality of the combs and brushes you buy not to damage your hair. A comb... see more with inaccurate seams and sharp teeth will damage your scalp and tear your hair. Your choice of brushes and combs depends on your hair length. Large-toothed comb will be perfect for those with long and thick hair, and those with short hair would better get fine-tooth comb. Sometimes it is useful to massage your head with a special massage brush. These brushes are to have hard teeth on a rubber base. However you shouldn’t abuse this massage as it can damage hair roots and increase grease secretion. Round brush is good for hair setting. These brushes are to have smooth teeth not to cause damage to wet hair, which is very brittle after washing. For fan hair setting you would better buy semicircular brush with plastic teeth or plastic large toothed brushes. For hair teasing you would better use large-toothed comb with a “tail”. You should always take care of your combs and brushes not to dirty your clean hair, as all the dirt and dust and also the rest of styling products from your hair are left on the brushes and combs. You should regularly wash your combs and brushes with water and soap. Almost every woman uses fan for hair drying and shaping. Many of them don’t think about the result of regular blow dry. It makes hair weak, dry, brittle and dull.
You would better have a fan with several temperature regulators and follow some rules while blow dry: don’t dry wet hair, wipe it a little first, don’t keep the fan close to your hair, the distance should be 50 inch minimum. Dry your hair evenly, don’t stop in one place for a long time. If you want to set your hair you will need a fan with nozzles. They are mostly meant to volumize your hair. Thus on a nozzle in the form of a prominent plate there are shanks of different length. This nozzle should be held athwart your head and lift hair with circular motions. Prior to fan use, apply some styling product on your hair. If you have short hair you would better dry it on the sides and keep on drying it upward. To add some volume to “page” haircut you should dry hair first and then, twisting upper strands around a round brush pass the fan over the hair. After the hair has been totally dried you can set it with electro curling-irons. You can curl only dry hair, doing it with wet hair can be dangerous. Apply some styling product on the hair before setting but don’t use anything fixing, it can cause hair dryness and dullness. Don’t hold one strand in curling-irons more than 30 seconds. Put a comb under the curling strand not to scorch the scalp. It should be noticed that everyday curling-irons use is harmful for hair, to avoid it you would better buy curlers.
Curlers use is more gentle way of curling than that one with curling irons. Chose size and form of curlers basing on your hair type and hair condition.
If you have long hair you would better buy 2.5-5 inch diameter curlers, and if you have long hair, less than 2,5 inch diameter curlers will be good for you. Middle and large curlers add some volume to your hairdo, but the locks made with thin curlers keep longer. You start curling your hair back from the front, that is the most convenient way of doing it. While curling you should hold your hair athwart the curler surface, at that the curling strands shouldn’t be wider than the curlers. Hair is curled carefully, watch your hair ends not be crumpled, then you will get ideal locks. After all your hair has been curled, dry it with fan. Except usual curlers there are curling papers and sticky curlers, which are also very popular. You can quickly get natural locks using curling papers. It is a perfect way of shaping permed hair and emphasizing natural locks. You should wet your hair first and then apply some styling product, divide your hair into strands and curl them with curling papers. Take them off in a while and comb your hair with fingers or with large-toothed comb. Sticky curlers are covered with plastic hairs and hair sticks to them without any damage. That’s why you can use these curlers with both dry and wet hair. Sticky curlers can be different size and are used for creating both natural locks and tight locks. Clamps for hair waving are used more seldom than other instruments and mostly for prom hairdos, with its help you can make a hairdo of 20s-30s style. Apply some mousse or gel on your hair, make some waves and fix every wave crest with clamps. Then dry your thoroughly and fix it without combing.
Written by Trisha Wood
Submitted by Trisha Wood#beauty, #hairstyles, #hair, #styles, #haircuts, #cuts, #hair-do, #hairdo, #tips, #split, #ends, #fashion, #events, #prom, #homecoming, #men, #2006, #black, #short, #wedding, #hairs
Now it’s time to show people around you your beautiful long hair or stylish, short hair-do. Especially because there has been no such variety of hairstyles collections so long ago as for current spring/summer. Today, the hair-do can be both formal, elegant, romantic or funny-careless. You just have... see more to choose from this variety that will fit you best.

Long hair will be especially in favor for this season. You can dress up them in different ways every day. Today, you can gather them in tail, tomorrow let them down smoothly, as well as, fluff them up or braid. Long hair will look best if it will be side parted. It will also look nice on the hair combed back smoothly, let down or gathered in twist. The side parted hairstyle is more in favor as it will give more deep color to your hair. Try to avoid backcombing and volume settings.

If you wish something special, you can make a multi-colored parting. And if you wish your hairstyle looks best, try to make parting correct and neat. Then apply to the skin into parting with wet brush a lash build mascara. Add spray and you will get unique style attracted looks.

If you are disposed to support a feminity in fashion you are offered to wear braid hairstyles this spring. Avoid girlish braids. Try braid styles that will give a feminine and elegant look this spring. The braid styles never seem to go out of fashion and remain at peak of popularity with all ages. You are offered so many various braid styles ranging from beautiful Herringbone, French, Round or Front to unique Looped or Fishtail braids and much more. They are not only comfortable to wear but will fit you perfectly.
It does not depend on what style you prefer to, the braids will always fit best almost for all of them. They will help change your look radically from hot and sexual to romantic and feminine at the same time. This season professional stylists are advised to braid your hair without looking into the mirror, just by touch. It will help to get a pretty negligent and at the same time neat look. Here, enhanced and decorated with fresh flowers braids are hot for this season.
Now let’s discuss about bang. It can be set both up or down as you like. Be sure to pay attention to its form and style. The bang can be thick, long, lightly touching the brows and even eyes, with ragged ends, consisting of two layers or bangs (upper thick and long bang can cover lower thin and short bang), non-central, with long sides or to the contrary, longer to the center and shorter to the sides and with eccentric figured cuts.
This important part of any hairstyle as bang will help to change your look of vamp to naughty girl or elegant lady to extravagant hippie. By the way, it is necessary especially for those with an oval face shape or a high forehead. In this case, the bang can make the face shape appear harmonious.
As to other trends for today. The ruffled up, negligent looking hairstyles are very popular here. The smashed “untidy” style tends to be popular for this season, as if the woman has just waked up and forgot to dress up or comb her hair.
Short with accurate geometric lines haircut will look extravagant and great. It will look highly effective if you use color contrasts method for the roots. The bang set criss-cross will also give new look to your short haircut and will be suitable especially for fair and red hair.
If you wear a square haircut and wish to have something that is radically different you can cut hair at the nape more shorter than at the front. The effect of such haircut is that correct diagonal line at the nape. It is so important here that haircuts shouldn’t be volume but comfortable.
Do you prefer feminine curly hairstyles to straight ones? You are lucky enough as curly hair is in fashion for the seasons spring-summer 2006. The locks shouldn’t be tight and bouncy but soft and light as waves. Be sure that as curly as wavy short or medium hairstyles should look natural and smashed a bit.
If you reach an age when you will not wear braiding and shaggy hairstyles, the fastidious fashion does not deprive you of your choice too. The hot for the season is the hair of middle length with plucked irregular ends. Also, you can try to make different shape knots. They can be neglected, gathered in a hurry, or complex made of braids or, for exam, you can twist the knots with several long strands out. Avoid using of decorative accessories. You can add just pins or invisible pins to your hairstyle.
The various tails continue to be in style for today, placing up on top of the crown, or down at the nape, formal and prom, slicked smoothly and with strands out.
As you can see both the hair styles and apparel fashion trends for the current season are very democratic. It is free enough without any limitations, but the stylists offer to pay attention to the feminine wavy locks and braids, irregular and plucked strands and different shape bangs.
So, choose any look you like and change both hairstyle and appearance. Remember that woman should always stay great-looking promoting her appearance and attracting looks of people around her especially in the spring.
Written by Trisha Wood
Submitted by Trisha Wood#beauty, #hairstyles, #hair, #styles, #haircuts, #cuts, #hair-do, #hairdo, #tips, #split, #ends, #fashion, #events, #prom, #homecoming, #men, #2006, #black, #short, #wedding, #hairs
As soon as the spring has come we necessarily try to renew our appearance by dint of some original ideas; we want to look in a new fashion: glittering, shining, sparkling and enjoying of that. Indeed, spring sunny rays cheer up and arouse in a woman her concealed talents. So, if you are bored to death... see more and want to amaze your beloved one, immediately get down to work.
Doubtless, changing of haircut or hair-color will be the most blazing and bright turn in your look. It is not a secret that in wintertime hair gets lackluster and languid. But it can be revived and imparted with magnificent iridescent brilliance by means of toning and highlighting.
And at this point ambassadresses of the fair sex might come up with a question if they should prefer thick highlighting or decolorize solely single locks. Every type of highlighting has its own advantages. For instance, if you want to turn into blonde out of brown-haired but do not take a risk of complete decolorizing, use dense highlighting.
In case of longing to make your hairdo interesting and expressive you should resort to partial highlighting ( color only 3-6 locks), which, without radical alteration of your appearance, will definitely impart a splendid look to it. But if you wish to turn your head into the true work of art opt for opt in several tones (usually from 2 to 5)- in general, the more colors the more interesting you look. For example, bright and spectacular image can be created by combining red locks with ginger ones on the background of dark hair. And intensity and expressiveness of your hairdo might be provided by the color conversion: from dark roots to platinum tips.
For women with fair- or light brown hair optimum alternative might be highlighting so-called ”magi mash” – with the help of such method you will clarify the locks of one color by 3-4 tints.
For short haircut we can advise “veil”- a method when just hair tips get stained. It springs up an effect as if the hair is illuminated with light.
For dark-haired we would advice to make “Golden threads” kind of highlighting. Here, only very thin locks are to be clarified to golden hue. However, to make the hairdo look nobly, the clarified locks should not be done densely.
If you can afford, we recommend you to take advantage of nacreous coloring. Take our words; the invested money will live up to your expectations. Special dye will let achieve the effect of playing pearly locks. Depending on lighting, the hair will be shot s with pastel pink sometime, sometimes with beige, sometimes with lilac.
Touching on hair color spectrum, it should be pointed out that all the tints of chestnut with accents of snuff-color, colors of fuchsia and eggplant, as well as blonde with hues of champagne and honey were awarded as leaders of Spring 2005. The contrast, giving the feeling of freshness is also fashionable today. But you shouldn’t think it is necessary to color the hair in radically white or black – it is enough to apply luminous tones of orange and copper on several locks.
Nowadays, color mixing has become fashionable as well – it is when, for instance, chestnut spills over into nut- and honey-color with slight reference to terracotta or even ochre. The game with tints of violet will be very interesting, where the main emphasis is on separate locks: on the general background they are singled out with more delicate lilac color.
By the way, if you like to experiment on you appearance, changing the hair color very often, you don’t have to buy permanent colors – all the temporary colorants will definitely be right for you. They won’t cause damage to your hair, but treat it, providing with glitter.
Moreover, with the help of temporary colorants you can give free play to your imagination and experiment with them as much as you like. You know, such colorants “slip off” from the hair after you wash it 6 or 8 times. Thereafter you will have the scope for creative work.
Of course, to change the color radically, you would better make a haircut first, and then match the color, which will go with your style and image. At this rate, the new original combination is skewness and daring color gamut in violet tones.
Bangs will be an obligatory element of modern hairdo – it is to be thick, short and splay on one side. Short haircuts will attract attention to your appearance as well. Being a curly-headed you should know, that curls have always been in fashion, and this season they will remain the same. But for the sake of unbending them, you can make a hairdo with the help of special means, since it is not a problem today.
So, bring yourself to the boldest experiments. It is worth playing with radical variants of haircuts. Let them contain sharp lines, torn edges or skew fringe – all the innovations will be welcome this spring. Therefore, model your hairdo and every time try to look differently.
Having conducted such cardinal changes with your hair, you are supposed to feel like a queen. Festive illumination of you hair will harmoniously call up with bright spring sun and not totally melted snow, compelling the rapturous glances of men and dazzling the envious rest of womankind.
Written by Trisha Wood
Submitted by Trisha Wood#beauty, #hairstyles, #hair, #styles, #haircuts, #cuts, #hair-do, #hairdo, #tips, #split, #ends, #fashion, #events, #prom, #homecoming, #men, #2006, #black, #short, #wedding, #hairs
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