Well let's see....I've been depressed for what four years now...I've been to 4 different therapist, I've been cutting for four years...I'd know what else to say...
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You think I'm happy you think I'm fine but you don't know what's not nearly mine I have no excuse for my actions I have no excuse for my words I just wanna hear those things that I've never heard You`ve thrust a knife deep into my heart my world you`ve taken and torn apart You think you`re the best you think you`re not bad you think you`re the greatest but what you think is sad What you`ve done was evil with that theres no doubt you`ve taken my heart and torn it apart You think you`re a father but that could not be you1ve never been a father at least not to me.
Written by tabitha
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My pain is my pleasure my razor my treasure my scars my pride my tears I hide I cut and bleed and strive to be the perfect person people want to see You`re a freak you`re stupid thats what they say I try to tell them different but they just won't stay I sit staring lost in my thoughts cutting too deeply hoping not to get caught I want to be a bird I want to fly away away from this place I am forced to stay It's no use you`ve burned my heart your tainted love has torn me apart.
Written by tabitha
Submitted by tabitha
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