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I just wanted to tell you that I'm thinking of you, especially today

Because March 10th was suppose to be your birthday

Although the angels will take good care of you

I'm missing you and feeling so bleu

Your footprints, I looked with tears

And wishing so badly that you could be here

You may have gone through the Heaven's door

But I still love you as much as before

#angel, #heaven

A world that you never saw
But, yet there's an open door
A home that you only knew
Was in my womb where you grew
A world that is in the dark
You never had a chance to spark
You never taken a breath of fresh air
Your life was cheated, it's so unfair
A world that you never saw
But, yet there's an open door
A home that you only knew
Was in my womb where you grew
A world that is in the dark
You never had a chance to spark
You never taken a breath of fresh air
Your life was cheated, it's so unfair
I'm sorry that I had to say good-bye
I'm grieving that you're no longer inside
For nights I haven't slept
I stayed up all night and wept
I miss you so much my angel boy
You were my lovely joy
I tried so hard to sleep
I even covered my head with sheets
I wish this was just a horrible dream
But it's real, I wanted to scream
You never taken a fresh breath of air
Your life was cheated, it's so unfair
I was so excited when I saw a line of two
I love you from the moments I knew
I had tears of joy and my love surely grew
But that didn't last long, my world became so blue
My life isn't the same being here without you
This is by far the toughest that I been through


It was a short while

But, you made me smile
Your life was short- lived
But, I hope you will forgive
We parted our separate ways
But, my love for you will always stay


I'm sorry that I love you too much
You got what you wanted; my love
I open my heart to give you my all
I love you, but it's really your call.

I'm sorry that I love you too much
I wanted your love & everything above
I miss your voice, but you barely call
I'm right beside you, but your heart sits afar. 

I'm sorry that I love you too much
You'd changed & I long for your touch
I get lonely and I lose my sleep
You started to scream & so I weep

Maybe, there's no more love & such.
I only have wonderful memories, but not too much
I sneak a hug when your asleep because 
I long for your love that is so deep

Learned to love & appreciate
Respecting & caring instead of hate.
Please don't lie and push me away...
Otherwise, my love will eventually fade.


Behind Me
As I was walking down street
I hear someone call out my name
I pretended not to hear, so I continue
Walking, with him following behind me
I heard footsteps from behind me
Afraid of looking back, hoping he’ll leave
Each time, it only sounds louder and louder
So my heart start racing unsteadily
I pretended someone had called
I reached out my cell phone, pretending
But that didn’t work, still behind me
Desperately, trying to get my attention
He followed me to a place
A place I thought could rid him
Without turning back, talking behind me
I finally said, “Please leave me alone!”
Finally, gave up once made it clear
I saw his reflection from a window
As he walked out, with his head down
Realizing, I was wrong to ignore him
Following behind me, only to find out
He was only my past, I didn’t care
I never knew I could be so heartless
Leaving him so wrong… so cold


Happy Birthday to You, to Me
Happy Birthday to you, to me
It’s amazing how this day can be
Let this be our special day
And our love won’t fade away
Remembering October, every year
Celebrate this month for us to cheer
Singing, eating, and enjoying
With my only sweet darling
It’s not coincidental, but a mere fate
This happens to be our birthdates
We managed to find each other
Mistakes forgiven to one another
As we grew, our love mature
Our trust should more than sure
There are still many years to come
Till death do us part, I hope it will become

#happy, #birthday

~~~First Date~~

Although I may have not met you
Thoughts of you already may me feel bleu
Your lovely words has touched my heart
My words are lost, don't know where to start
Having to say "Good-Bye" Now it's getting late
Until then, we shall think of a date

You seem too perfect to be real
My heart melts, the way I feel
I never felt this way before
Your words, I will always adore
Already thinking of plans that seems so great
The feelings so strong before our date

Without seeing still feels incomplete
Instead of calls, we'll finally meet
I am so excited, I can't hardly wait
Tonight, we'll meet on our first date

#~~~first, #date~~

Since you left, my life has not been the same
You said you love me, at least that's what you claim
Everyday I think about the way we used to be
That we do belong, and we both agree
I thought we will always be in each other's life
And that one day, I will finally be your wife
But I was dead wrong,
Because you are really gone

Over the years, we got used to each other
We spent too much time, and you felt smother
You'll always remain deep in my heart
And you promise we will never be apart
Now you no longer felt we belong
Because you are really gone

You gave me less attention and I needed more
Your love for me wasn't the same, so I explore
I ran to someone who can treat me like a queen
My heart was burried, deep down, unforseen
Then, I figured out my life is nothing with you
It only beats for you and that was the clue
My feelings went on, but you are really gone

Your presence feels near when I am alseep,
But when dawn rise, I started to weep
I dreamt your closeness, it felt so real
My love is so strong, that's how I feel
So you said, we didn't get along
and that's why you're really gone

I thought that was what I wanted, until now
I tried to move on, but my heart won't allow
Since you are gone, nothing feels right
But we still love although we fuss and fight
You said no worries, your love for me was strong
Again, that wasn't really true because you are really gone

We found our way back after 13 years
But this time, you let me drown in my tears
What brought us back was our fate
We also have the same birthdate
You don't believe we belong
And that's why you are really gone

What happen to the man I adore
You were never this bitter before
Please don't be so cruel
To my heart that is so true
You are no longer around when I feel bleu
You ignore me and tell me we're through
When I listen to the radio, I hear our song
But I know you are really gone

If you come back, this I know
I will cherish so our love can grow
I am at my happiest when I with you
I promise my love will always be true
No more lies and disrepects
No more doing anything to make you suspect
I still believe our love can be strong
Please don't let all this love be gone

#really, #gone

Grasping on air, I try to hold tightUnable to seek, no where in sightI can feel my love, this is realShow yourself so I can feelGrasping on air, I find myself aloneSuddenly, I’m on top of a thrownNothing below, I’ll fall into a deep holeAll I wanted was to find my lonely soulGrasping on air, I know you’re nearI see you in the wind, being so clearLet our hearts, our souls combineAnd I can say, you’re finally mineGrasping on air, I cursed the skyUnfulfilling, I asked questions whyBring me love, to where he belongsTogether, we can be so strong.Grasping on air, my love is dyingFor all the times, I spent tryingI’ll be found in the water streamAwaken… this is just my dream.
Written by Cindy Saechao
Submitted by Cindy Saechao


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