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i am me ia ma just here to vent

Theres something that you need to know ,
All this time, Ive been learning how to let you go
I ve waited , pleaded forgivin and cried
just enough to  know that I tried
tried for a time and fought for a season
begging and pleading for you to give me a reason
to try this again with tears in my eyes.
Ive ran out reasons Ive ran out of why's
and i cant sleep without you, but ready to try
You ask for the answers , im not ready to give you,
how can we move forward when I cant forgive you.

I was  waiting there, to find direction
i was  waiting there to see your intentions

 But, were just two different people, and somehow I know
that were two different people that need to let go.

(I will never forget you , you really are my best freind.)

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