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i love stephen king and also i love to babysit i have only one friend and she is in californa i make necklaces my name is meagan and im 14
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i feel his hug even tho i know hes gone and i catch a wif of the smell i once knew i hate that hes holding her in his arms and not touching me while we watch the night skies. i sit tonight and bring back the memories of when hes with me. hes with me even if im holding on to something that isnt even there. i see him smiling at me and i think to myself that i want to be with him forever.i see a shooting star and make a wish i hear a knock on the door and i go see whos there but its nobody just like me im invisble to him and hes my reality in daydreams. waiting for love to come and knock me down i know hes gone forever and hes never coming back. i feel his lips and taste his mouth and suddenly i want to die give up on love cause i know its never going to be the same when i find it. i sit tonight and wait for morning to come and to hear the familiar voice in my ear whispering i love you and then turning around and getting kissed by him. im alone and lonely so i sit and dream waiting for the moment when sleep calls. i let everything die the night he yelled that he was leaving and never coming back i waited night and day for weeks and months but he never came back so tonight isit alone letting dead memories take over and wanting to die.


your smile is worth a thousand lives and your love is worth a million deaths. you said "i love you" and you mean so much to me and i mean nothing to you or a world that doesnt care. i dont want anyone to have you or your love but you let go of my hand and i slipped away.you stood there watching as my world came crashing down and did nothing to help.your smile is worth a thousand kisses but your love is worth more. you say i love you but you dont mean it. i told you goodbye once and now i say it again i hope you have a good life but i wont get to finsh mine. your life seems to be better without me in it to hold you back.you kept telling me you loved me but it was all lies your smile is worth a thousand lives and your love evevn more you told me that i was your soulmate but you were wrong and now im gone you told me you would save me but you let me go and i begged you to stay but now im gone.


whats love? love is when you have someone special that you can trust and talk to and tell them whatever horrible thing has happened to you and they still stick by your side. love is feeling like you have nothing but you know that you have everything. love is making up stupid poems and there being cherished. love is a feeling you get when your with that special person. true love is what every person wants and what you have. love is worth a fight to the death but not if you have what you want. love is worth being together til the end comes and never leaving that one person. love is what makes us different not alike. love sepeartes daydreams from reality. love is forgiving eachother after you fight. love is loving a person for who they are not who they should be. love make us do stupid thing that we reget later.love is no matter what situation your in your love will stick by your side. love is spending every moment you have together not waiting til thier gone. love is chershing every memory you have when your not with that person. love is growing old with the person who makes you happiest. love is never giving up on one another no matter what happens.

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