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I am Jordan i like to write and like to get inspired everyday, I'm 17 go to college and friendly and nice.
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My life beats a rhythmic pace
My battery has ran out of charge
I'm here, still barely thinking
While I injure pain
Eyes starting to blur
It's obscure why i'm stuck here
Lonely where I feel alone
Where can I find reasons
Are seaons going to flood tears?
I'm aching for forgiveness
Will someone exaggerate
And minimize the years?
So I can find peace, again.

My mind was irresolute due
To how much I miss you
Yea I miss you my words
And eyes yell the truth
To what I say to you
My mind was irresolute
Due to the fact I knew
I wouldn't see you again
I miss you, Yea I miss you.

When I travel I hear you
Wherever I go I sense you
I miss the days that were erased
On the beach alone
With No one else but us
We'd have laughs throughout the
the nights
When I take a glimpse
Of the past, I didn't
Realize how much they
Mean to me, Yea I miss you
My life has become a poem
Romeo juliet regrown.

My soul can't think of anything
Deeper than the words
Yea I miss you,
And all I picture
Is you, standing with me
Today, Yea I miss you
Yea I miss you
I miss you
And I wish you, were here.

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