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Guess never fails in coming up with high fashion and highcocktail dresses  quality accessories. A lovely find I came across with in my search for something to give as a gift for my niece, is this glitzy silver-tone ribbon charm bracelet. This dainty charm bracelet is very apt formal gownsfor a teenage girl going for a rough rocker and yet still girlie look. Black ribbon laced through links, featuring rhinestone G, crown, key and pearl charms.

It’s not only lovely and eye-catching, it also fits my budget well, Herve Legerbecause surprisingly, this charmer retails for nothing more than $25.00 USD. A fabulous fashion find, I would say.

Despite the on-going craze over skinny jeans, the flareCustom Dresses  cut jeans is never really out of fad. I personally prefer the flare over it’s waify sister – the skinny jeans. Roxy, a reputable footwear and apparel brand in Australia, comes up with a new collection of flare pants. The one that really called out to me is the Rosilyn Destroy Jeans, a 5 pocket flarewedding dress  jean has a contour waistband with heavy destroy, patching, and splatter.

Oddly enough, a brand-new distressed pair of jeans sells at a higher rate compared to ones that look really brand-new. According to manufacturers, it takes more time and processes to create a distressed pair of evening dresses jeans. Well, with the Rosilyn Destroy Jeans, I’m not complaining.

Everybody has been talking about it. Stars have Formal Gownsraved about it, from Eva Longoria, Tyra Banks down to Oprah. This revolutionary new product that has reshaped women’s silhouettes everywhere. Its called Spanx.

Spanx is basically a special kind of hoisery that sucks you in, the state-of-the art weaving is the secret to Spanx. While other pantyhose either get loose or slide down, Spanx Herve Leger Salewont.

No more visible panty lines, no bulging stomachs and unsightly creases. Spanx promises to streamline your bulges so your clothes will fit better and make you look slimmer.

Spanx comes in a variety of sizes from A to D, depending on your weight class. There’s also a gauge of how strong  you want the elastic to be, there’s light coverage to “higher power” as wedding dressesthey call it. Aside from that, they also have underwear, camisoles to footless Spanx to heavy duty coverage from bra-line to thigh.

Try it. Its the secret of the stars.

Benetint by Benefit is considered to be a staple in manyHerve Leger  beauty kits. From students to models to professional makeup artists. It is well known to be the best cheek and lip tint out there in the market today.

It only comes in one shade. Now don’t panic. Cheek tints will match any fair skin tone out there. If you have dark skin, you might want to opt for a bronzer of some sort. What’s great about BenetintEvening Dresses is that it lasts for hours. It doesnt come off even if you’re eating. What I noticed about it is if you sweat, it gives you that post-workout glow and makes it even more natural looking.

This bottle will last for months since you only need a little bit to add a pink glow to  your cheeks. It also smells nice, not synthetic or anything. It actually smells like roses.

After the phenomenal success of Benetint, Benefit decided to Cocktail Dressescome out with a pocket-sized one. Its perfect for when you don’t want to lug around a bag. You can slip this tiny thing in your pocket and you’re good to go for those emergency touch-ups.

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