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If I could I would be uncomplicated.
I'd be strong and independant and never needing anyone's help.
If I could I'd have more money and my own everything.

If I could I would never sound negative or bitter.
I would lift his spirits and make him feel happy.
I'd inspire passion and people would chase me, want me.

If I knew how I would treat everyday like a golden suprise.
Never would I waste another moment, my heart would always be open.

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Tonight I don't know anything.
About my heart or self.
I could be a million miles away and existant through wind.
I talk, talk it out. Everyone thinks i'm an overthinker, I think all the time.
And I think everyone's tired of hearing me whine. Purple and red oozes from my soul.

Un-interesting Dilema, and one that rips and tears at me.
Trivially, fast and slow.

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I have no idea..
My suitcase has been packed for 48 hours. And I'm not going home tonight.
I'll be anywhere but there.
We shed tears, you don't even know.

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