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He told me he miss the old "me"
But he did'nt realized that it was not me who changed
He just love me more than how much I love him
His expectation was above mine

I cannot meet how he wants to me to love him
I am not sure if it will still work
I am not sure..

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Once in my life I thought that I will never be able to fall in love again, I realized that when we get hurt at the moment we are thinking that life will never be the same as before but I was wrong one day there will come a time when everything falls into place, that you can only find better people when eveything in your life gets better.

When I think of how I thought before that I can never love anyone else other than him I can't help but laugh at myself, but I'm thankful that I have realized those things to keep me going and to always remember that there will always be a rainbow after the rain..

I'll give my self one more chance to love and be loved
Hoping that this time will be the last
I'll take my chances with you and hoping you'll take care of it...

I'll give you my everything and promise me you'll cherish it
I'll hold you like I never held anyone before
I'll fight for you no matter what hoping that you will be the one!!!


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