i am a depressed teen but my head is held up high. I used to be really REALLY depressed but now I'm a lil bit happier.
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one day i will find my wonder-walland one day we will find lovemaybe he's here right nowor maybe he's in LA TokyoRomeParisItalyor even Spainpoint isdistance doesn't matter all that matters is one dayhe'll be here.

#wonder, #wall

i see you,
do you see me?
am i a ghost no one can see?
or a ghost only he can see?
can you see me?
the real me?
none of that fake smile, or fake laugh, but me?
can you see the blackness of my mind?
the coldness of my heart?
the blueness of my soul?
the wetness of my tears.
all things inside, so why can he see?
why can he see in me while others see through me?

#ghost, #inside, #onlyhecansee

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