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Hello players, today I will introduce you Secondary Combos of Steel information in AOC. Hope you like it. These are filler combos used for damage or for other various effects that support your primary combos.

1. Brutal Enraging Strike or Overreach
It's nothing too spectacular that this is a basic damage combo, but if need be, it can be used to pump out some extra damage when your stamina reserves are high. Generally, you will only need to use this when fighting multiple mobs. Since "Overreach" was nerfed into the ground, it is no longer a primary combo for guardian leveling. It still deals decent damage but its steep stamina cost and resulting damage debuff make it much less useful. However, it can still be used at the end of a fight for extra burst damage and it can still be used with the advanced tactics later on in the guide. Until you get? Strike and Guard" at 60, you will still want to be using this for leveling.

2. Plexus Strike
When you need to gain stamina in a pinch, this is great combo to use. It's damage is next to nothing but it will allow you to pull off a last second damage combo during a "last stand" situation. Keep in mind that you receive stamina for each target struck by the combo, so make sure to get yourself into a position where you can strike all engaged mobs when you need to use it.

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Hello players, today I will introduce you Anatomy of Cyclone of Steel information in AOC. Hope you like it.

4 - Miss
Explan - Now that stats actually mean something there is a miss ratio involved and many Barbarians have been complaining they miss with CoS about 1/4 to a third of the time. After doing some calculating the auther found he chance of land CoS is well above 80%. While missing can be frustrating, stay reasonable: you can't hit 100% of the time.

5 - HP Refund
Explan - If for any reason you break away from the target during the combo finisher, or if you die during the long atk animation, all dmg dealt to the target is refunded in full.

6 - Vulnerability
Explan - The finisher to the combo, especially with the higher tiers, is a very lengthy animated sequence of attacks. Even if you kill the target within the first couple strikes, and the target is at 0% health, you're still vulerable to their attacks until the finisher animation is complete. This offers a dead mob a few seconds to get some extra hits in and if they manage to kill you within that timeframe you die and their HP is refunded in full. Which brings us to our last con.

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Hi guys, there are some updated information in AOC that came from other site. Let's go see it:

Firstly, The initial guide (v1.0) was completed and posted.
Secondly, updated to (v1.1). Added the Advanced Tactics section as well as tweaked (v1.0) with various adjustments, grammar and spelling fixes.
Thiredly, updated to (v2.0). Made several adjustments and tweaks to the entire guide in response to the recent overreach nerf. Added new feats and combos as well as a template level(AOC powerleveling) 60 and 70 build. Added a "Gear" section under "The Basics".


At the beggining of, God created the Sword and the Shield.Playing a Guardian is a very fun and very rewarding experience. There's nothing like standing toe to toe with a group of mobs 4-5 levels higher than you and watching them chip away at your massive health pool hopelessly. We will be taking advantage of the fact that you are an unstoppable mountain of steel when wielding the sword and the shield and augmenting that with damage the best we can. To get started, lets cover the basics that you will need to know for leveling a guardian.

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Welcome to visit Mmooffers! I got the Rogue Barbarian information in AOC from other site, and hope you like it.

Wounding making them stronger and more deadly in battle and their varied array of powerful attacks can knock an enemy senseless, because Wounding barbarians enrages them,

immobilize them, or make the very ground shake around them. Like other rogues, they excel at sneaking and the arts of ambushing.

Sweep through enemy lines or fighting with a weapon in each hand that whether wielding two-handed weapons, when the opportunity to deliver that devastating killing blow comes,

they are ready.

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