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I tryed you didnt, you lied i beleived it. i cryed you didnt, i cared you never showed it. if only i would of seen it then maybe i wouldnt yo so hurt now at the end. if only you would of showed it things now would be a bit diffrent. i cared maybe a little to much, but i wish you did also. my liefe may have been a little screwed up, but i wanted you to save it. but now you went to low, your not even worth it. i just wish things would go away and i wasnt left with so much pain. but dont think im gonna try and get you back again, it just dont work that way. theres no way im gonna risk my heart for another break. somedays i never even thing about it, but others thats all that comes to mind, you and me, and our great memories. but im gonna finally let us go, and just try and throw it our the window. you dont see the hurt that i carry with me everywhere i go, only because it hides from you. because everytime i see you iv got to fake a smile, but im done faking. im ready to be without you, im ready to just stop thinking about you. so finally ill learn to love again, and ill let the sight and memories of you and me just fly and be free. so now i can breath, without you i have no fears any longer. im ready to just be ready to be without you. theres no way i could let this happen again, the way i just let someone scar my life so bad. and theres no way i will ever let someone break me the way you did.

I thought if I lost you again id be nothing, worthless, and ashamed. But without you I now gained everything, im now something. I dont need you like I thought. You oblivsly dont need me, which im perfectly fine with. But the thing is even when I was with you I felt nothing, worthless, and ashamed. So let me go, and ill do the same. No more coming back for more. Starting frest, starting new. No more lies, no more put downs, and no more crys. Its the end of a you and me. So dont expect any misery. Im done, and yes it is hard, but im finally doing it, finally letting go. Im through with feeling how I was, yeah I do wish it could be diffrent, but it was your choice. So no worries, im not coming back. I left, im out the door. Im stronger then iv ever thought before. Hell Im stronger then you ever known at all. I guess you really dont know when you are strong untill you have to be, So erase me from your memory and ill do the same. We'll be left with nothing but memories. It'll be hard but we can do it. Not together. Not again, but alone, we'll work on it. So good- bye to you, im letting go of us. GOOD-BYE!!

you came into my life again, leaving more footprings in my heart. while i was trying to hold on tight you let go without a fright. not even saying goodbye as if you didnt want to, but letting go like you always wanted. you treated me as if i was nothing, always putting me down, making me feel worthless. and all i did was let you know how i felt truly and deeply. and how i really didnt want you to go. but why is it so hard to let you go knowing how you treated me? why do i keep coming back for more? things will never work out so why do i wnat to try to make it? even though were over, im wanting you back, why? you hurt me in so many ways i just cant say, you let me down to much days! yet im the one to blame. i want to let you go, but you left me with all our memories that keep hurting me so deep inside. im deleting your number off my phone, im letting you go, im done playing the blame game, AND IM DONE CRYING OVER YOU!!

Its not a good poem but its just all that came to mind and all my feelings and its not really the best poem but I tryed tooooo hard on this one haha!! <3


you hurt me, you lied to me, you decieved me. You wanted and you asked and i gave. i cared and i loved you, you hurt me and yet you dont know it. i cryed and i lost me. you walked away as i watched and slowley drifted away. i cared as much as i possably could now your gone and im lost in side of the past. i try and yet you complain. i gave all i could and yet you could not see. now im stuck trying to breath, knowing i have to even though your gone, free. i say one thing and yet you say another. i say i love you but you just keep on moving. i say i want to be with you, and yet your still walking away. my words are left unspoken, and yesterdays, todays, and tomorrows just aint workin. id do anything if only you could see, to be with you again would only be a mystery. us, you and me. if you could only have seen how much you really meant to me. if you could just realize what you did to me, you would know i wouldnt wanna be free, without you! you were mine but i wasnt yours. i loved you but you didnt love me too. i cared...but did you care too?? im lost without you but you just cant know. i need you, but nobody needs to know. deep inside is what you distroyed the most, ill need time but you were my everything...untill now!

He came back so I know now its real. That he still loved me and it never had failed. It may take some time to gain the trust back. But for now hes mine and thats all I wanted back!! For now just let me be yours and you be mine, so nothing can be wrong and everything just right! That night we were together we both finally realized that we were just meant to be together! So maybe this time we can get it just right, Because we know what we did wrong before to change it this time!  So tonight just whisper in my ear tell me everthings alright...And how youll never hurt me like last time!! Tell me how happy you are to be with me once again and how youll never let me fall down with out you again. <3


You said you loved me, I believed it. You broke my heart, and I tryed to delete it. I want you back but you moved on, I cry and cry because I cant move on. I miss our memories thats all I have left of you now. I need you back, I tryed so hard!! I cant let you go, you were all I had. Now that your gone I have nothing, and nothing less. Someday I feel like dying and just totally stop trying. I want to go back when you were here for me, because now I have nobody but I cant beg please!! So everytime I look at you I will feel like crying because not a day goes by where I just end up not trying! So now Iv realized I really loved you but you didnt see that. And you act like you dont care, which drives me nuts. Sometimes I can see in your eyes that you want to care, but each and everytime that just disappears. Sometimes I wonder why I wat you back so bad whan all you do now is cause me so much pain!! But I have realized you were there best thats ever happened to me, and like I said I cant let that go. I want you back, I need you back! People say if you really love him to let him go, but Im trying and trying each and everyday and it just wont go.  Because how do I let go when Iv been looking for so long and for some reason, some how, you were there. Because every single time I looked into your eyes I know I was in the right place!!!


Please dont look at me and act like nothings wrong, Please dont tell me I need to move on! I am trying day by day to let you go...Because I loved you that much to do so! Please dont talk to me and think Im doing just fine, because you will not hear the pain I hide inside. Please dont say you always cared, even if I know you did you once told me you never once had!! Please dont look me in the eye and lie, When I know your just hiding the feelings you once had deep inside!! Please dont walk around thinking your all cool, When I know your only showing off for those new girls. And please dont act like you dont care, because I can see deep inside you are just as scared at I am!!!! So baby just to let you know...Im gonna let you go!!! But you always have to know please try never let what we once had go!!

How could you blame me, Was that all you could see?? The truth hiddin deep inside of me I couldnt explain because its too late. You didnt care and you couldnt care, Not now and you didnt befour. All my tears they were all from you here!! Now I feel as if I landed in glass, all broken but nothing less yet nothing more. I feel as if I could just cry, Cry cause I cant get you back, Because you blamed me. And you lied, Everything you once said you took it all back! I cant look in your eyes because one apon a time, you and I were once a glow every moment it just went slow. Now its going way to fast, Every long lasting moment with you I just want it all back. I cared and that you couldnt see, I wish you did and I wish you could  of tryed and recieve!! I want it all back, please cant you see?? I need you here, here with me! I take it back, Every hurtful word I ever said, I take it back! I need you to know I love you so... please try and take those words and never let them go.


Were over now and nothing can be turned around... and we said our goodbyes and nothing really mattered to you about all the tears I cryed! So for now on I blame my self because you said it was all me, all my fault. And everyday I think of just having one more day. One more day to be with you, With no more tears and no more lies but just you and I side by side!! You said forever and ever but now that its over id rather be nothing but dead. But how do we just leave what we had all behind us...try letting go of something so magical?? Try forgettin about the past and move on to the future..Its hard for me to do that because I just want one more day, One more day to see your smiling face...One more day to know you loved me. Just one more day with you thats all I need to do...Thats all I want from you!!! Just one more day.

Words are all I have and sometimes not even those. There are no words to describe how I feel about you right now even though Im lost without you I feel sometimes...Yet sometimes with you I feel so incontrol. Were over now and it hurts so bad, And I usually am always sad. But sometimes I feel just fine and what we once had is now gone and gone for good. And yet...When im all alone I end up thinking of could be's and should be's... I end up thinking of you some more! I even catch myself wondering if your thinking of me too, But when I ask if you ever you just carlessly say you never!! I say I moved on and sometimes I think I have...But I think I just need time to just heal this little crack!!!


How can I trust you now when you once said forever... and now you took it back and said never?? How could I ever trust you again with just being a good friend when once you said you loved me and now you said you are done with me?? How can I trust you ever again with my heart just as a friend when you lied and said you wouldnt ever?? With you I realized never to take good things for grantit they might be gone the next day... But I wish I could have just one more time now that I know that! But how can I??? When all you do is judge me and put me down all the time?? Things were rough I know  that but I tryed to stay strong. You gave up while I was still giving my all and fell down on broken glass. Iv shattered all over spilling out my everything just for you because no one else in the world would be like me and you. <3 <3 <3

You built up walls I crashed them down...You said goodbye so I fell down. You let me fall, You said you would never do. You let me go and now Im lost. Im lost without you because you were my everything. Im lost without you because you ment so much to me. Im lost without you because your the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. How do you expect me to move on so fast?? When all I ever do is think of why we couldnt last. How could you ask me why its so hard to move on?? When everything was great untill that one night. Its so hard for me to move on because I loved you and thats all. Its so hard for me to just forget because you were always the one to help me out anytime. <3 I miss you.

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