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i am 15 I have brown hair and I'm over all entergetic my heart is in two right now. I'm trying to fix it but it is very hard. <\3
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Those blue eyes of yours have such a hypnotizing effect
that draws me in.
i can't pull away it's like a magnetic force.
your hands are so cold the send chills through my body,
but i can never let go.
your smile alone can brighten up the entire world,
your voice gives me butterflies.
your hugs make me warm.
the kisses we shared made me nervous,
but i loved the way i felt when i was around you.
you always lighted up my world somehow,
hopeless thoughts, restless nights
all drifted away.
until my focus was on you.


You look like a fish that just got hooked by its Finn! (inside joke) lol

ily Tim Finn :) <3


The mask that i am wearing is covering up the pain
and the smiles that im showing 
are fighting back the tears
from all the stupid lies ive heard thru out the years
the mask that i am wearing is covering up the pain
so it will all be okay and no one will ahve to worry

I'm Afraid of looseing you
i'm afraid that if i don't get to spend time with you soon i just might lose you
i can't take the pain anymore
i just need you here with me
i want you back before its to late
what if i never see you again
im so afraid of looseing you

i love you T.a.W

Things that make hearts break:

Pretty smiles
Deciveing laughs
and people who dream with there eyes open
lonely children
unanswered cries
and hearts that give up hopeing
The other things that break hearts
are fairy tales that never come true
and selfish people who lie to me
selfish people just like you

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