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i'm just a teenager trying to get stuff off my chest in a different kind of way
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My day is a drag, waiting to get to my last class
knowing that i'll get to see him for an hour and a half.
The way he dresses,
Those stupid shoes,
And the way he does his hair.
He's perfect in every single way.

I hate the way he smiles,
When he thinks no one's looking.
I hate the way he looks at me,
When he thinks i don't know.

I wonder if he really knows me
I wonder if he really cares
I wonder if feels the same

he loves me, he loves me not...
he loves me, he loves me not...
he loves me


One day my heart is heavy, full.
The next day my heart is empty, dull.
I have some people i care most about.
I would do anything for them without a doubt.
But then there are some that make me cry.
They always end eachday with a lie.
The ones that are true are always there.
To find that in a friend is very rare.
With the people you love, you don't have to do much.
Just watch a movie and have some lunch.
After a long crazy day with the people who lie,
You need your true friends to help get you by.


The sun beats down so big and bright.
I wish it was our only light.
Your eyes and the sun are in a way the same.
They have a life in them that you cannot tame.
I see them sparkle, everytime we pass.
Your eyes hold something you don't learn in class.
I see the differnet things you do with your eyes.
I see wonder, truth, but i see no lies.
With eyes like yours, how can it be,
That they would fall in love with me?

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