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My day is a drag, waiting to get to my last class
knowing that i'll get to see him for an hour and a half.
The way he dresses,
Those stupid shoes,
And the way he does his hair.
He's perfect in every single way.

I hate the way he smiles,
When he thinks no one's looking.
I hate the way he looks at me,
When he thinks i don't know.

I wonder if he really knows me
I wonder if he really cares
I wonder if feels the same

he loves me, he loves me not...
he loves me, he loves me not...
he loves me

#teen, #love

One day my heart is heavy, full.
The next day my heart is empty, dull.
I have some people i care most about.
I would do anything for them without a doubt.
But then there are some that make me cry.
They always end eachday with a lie.
The ones that are true are always there.
To find that in a friend is very rare.
With the people you love, you don't have to do much.
Just watch a movie and have some lunch.
After a long crazy day with the people who lie,
You need your true friends to help get you by.

#true, #friend

The sun beats down so big and bright.
I wish it was our only light.
Your eyes and the sun are in a way the same.
They have a life in them that you cannot tame.
I see them sparkle, everytime we pass.
Your eyes hold something you don't learn in class.
I see the differnet things you do with your eyes.
I see wonder, truth, but i see no lies.
With eyes like yours, how can it be,
That they would fall in love with me?

#love, #boys, #eyes

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