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the name is StephanY im 17 yrS young...

i never felt diis way b4
i cant explain the way im feelin
i love the fact u have an opened mind
wen u walk in the room my heart skips a beat
and u never have 2 worry i'd b
i dnt wanna b wiit no one else
u make me feel so g00d
i need love in the morning and the after noon
and every time ur around i got a smile on my face

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i represent mi gente
chicana is wat i am
so yea baby dats watZ up
i was raised in ventura en las calles
de la avenida
look at how i do it
i rocK them skinny jeans and nike dunks
n my clazzy big hoopZ
yea baby dats watS up
prettier dan u bitch
but dnt confuse me wit no pretty bitch
ur in hiils chasin diK
n im in kiks getting rich
i dnt got shit 2 hide or shit
2 lie about
and if u dnt like me well hey shit fight me
and yea baby dats wats up

it hurts 2 see u gonne
it hurts 2 say good bye
i still love u baby
u told me i was the one u wanted 2 marry
member those times we use 2 kik bak
n i would lay in ur arms
it hurts 2 c u gonne
it hurts 2 say good bye i still love u
but u dnt seem 2 care u leave we 4 ur friends just 2 go blaze
my love 4 u was s0 real u just hurting me and ur killing me
fuK dat shit iv been through enough im moving on and letting u g0
it hurts 2 c u gonne it hurts 2 say food bye

Life changes every minute of every day. You lose
friends & you gain friends. You realize your friend
wasn’t ever really your friend, & that person you
used to hate can make a really good friend. You
look for love. You find love & you lose love. You
realize all along that you’ve been loved. You
laugh, you cry. You laugh so hard that you cry.
You do this, you do that. You really wish you
hadn’t dont that. You then learn from that & are
glad that you did. You have your ups & you have
your downs. You see good movies & you see bad
movies. You wonder if your life is just one big movie.
You look at others & wish you were them. You then
realize who they are & are glad that you’re you.
You love life and you hate life. In the end, you just
find yourself being happy to be living life, no
matter what is thrown at you.

its like half of me
really wants to be with him, when
the other half wants to be over him but

i  decided that enough is enough
That since you obviously don’t care about me
anymore, I’m going to move on

i belive everything happens 4 a reason
sometimes thing's fall apart so better things fall 2gether
i d0nt kno why we hang on 2 something were better of letting g0
i d0nt wanna leave it all behind but i get my hopes up and wath them
fall and its hsrd 2 watch it slowly fade away

chicanas d0nt relay 0n a vat0 2 be happy
and vat0s treat ur lady right or some 0ther vato will
i dnt understand u vatos u always screw over the good girls and
g0 for the bad ones  u vat0s n33d 2 realize we r not perfect
and us gurls need 2 realize dat theres no vato dat wont ever hurt us
we just have 2 go 4 the vato dat makes the pain worthwhile

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