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<strong> I Was Never, One To Patiently Pick Up Broken Fragments And Glue Them Together Again.. I Know Well What Lies Beyond My Sleeping Refuge, The Nightmare I Built My Own World To Escape ... =)

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Mitti Ka Jism Leke, Paani Ke Ghar Main Hun

Manzil Hai Mout Meri, Har Pal Safar Main Hun

Hona Hai Qatal.. Ye Maloom Hai Muje ..

Lekin Khabar Nahin Kis Kis Ki Nazer Main Hun :)

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I can't forget what I felt for you cos it just doesn't go away. No matter
how hard I try it seems I just can't move away. I'm caught along those
false lines of so-called love.
Where a heart remains battered and
broken in half. It hurts alot that you just walk away, And I'm left
trying to pick up the pieces and find my own way. It hurts alot cos you
don't really care, When you said "I love you" - it was just a way to

Please don't treat me this way. For your sake, I agree with you money can buy
love,but as for me, not the kind that truly warms your heart and
soul.Every time I was pushed away from you, I wasnt afraid. Because it
was like playing on a swing. Id push away, only to be drawn back to you
twice as fast.I knew you were in control of [How Far] you pushed me..


I close my eyes alone in the tub. The bathroom has always been a silent
place for me. I sit and think of you for another hour. I wish so much
you could see all the pain you have caused.
I had fallen in love
once and that was with you, and not once I regret it. The love between
us no one could replace. The endless love making with your warm
embrace. I think of all the things that went wrong with us.

When you decided to become the big time player and I decided to change into,
what you wanted me to be. But i realized you should love me for me,
however you never did.
I truly miss you with all my heart and
nothing or no one will change that part. Sometimes I wish for the
strength to hurt you. However whenever I see you my body becomes weak
and I can barely speak.

I will get over you, it just takes time.
I need to let you go because your no longer mine. I am jealous of your
beautiful boy yet I do with for happiness in her world. Just to let you
know I will be ready. When you come back to me like you always do. But
this time I wont run back to you. I can say this so, its time to let me
let you go.
I'm over everything especially you. This is something
I'm willing to do. I cant get hurt again, its to much pain to take. My
heart isn't yet whole from the first heart break. I open my eyes, my
mind is clear. Am Awake At This time,

[drowning in my own tears]

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girl was sitting on a chair at the gas station she worked at. She
looked up and saw her boyfriend walk in. As he was looking at snacks, a
man walked in and pointed a gun at her. He had been admiring her ring
her boyfriend had given to her as a token of his love. When he asked
her to give it to him, she said no. Her boyfriend looked up just in
time to see her shot. He ran over to the killer and beat him over the
head with a hammer that was for sale. Then he ran and called 911. When
the ambulance came, he was sobbing uncontrollably near his girlfriend.

The doctor came over and felt for her pulse. Then he stood up and said she
was still alive. Later at the hospital, as he was sitting beside her,
he asked"Why didn't you just give him the ring?" and then she softly
spoke"Because when you gave it to me, you said it was part of your love
for me and I knew if I gave him the ring, I would lose that love." The
next day, she was pronounced dead.



Pieces of my heart hold hurt in their soul and cry out any life left in them in its tears.

Silent and empty moments filled with broken promises ; is where loneliness lives with me.

Numb and cold memories have become the meaning to my love and meaningless to my reality.


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