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you have so much to give little to keep so why would they steal from me they stolen every thing now but they keep stealing your wandering how well you see they will steal your way of your life and family kid and youre wife and leave you in the dust will they lagh  now you see loseing every thing is not real stuff but fealing family and youre way of life or youre wife and losing every thing behold in life!

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there are people in life you love but youre afraid to ask them out so look up there reserchso youre never hart broken becaues if thay have a bad history youlle get hart brocken or thay reject  you be carfle who you love in youre life


there are some thing in life like  friends that seem nice now but later when thay make new friend and attack youre fealing like you give him/ here stuff but he/she steals it hurts in side so becarful who your friends are and who you trust people becaues people will back stab you alote and never leave you be and thay might take youre other friend  away from you and you may never see again so please please take my fealings away from me so i never hurt again

there are some games that are fun there are some are boring but be carfle what you play people are crel thall turn youre friends agenst you now video games will have people who curse alote and be mean to you sport game will be fun if you never playd or youre good if you play and your bad you will getmade fun of this is a life fact about how crel people are and also you get pain from soccer or foot ball  so games games go away  so i dont feal pain a nother day


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