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im a man that want to have the gud life
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Call your mother up and tell her you meet a thug.
After some dates tell her you love a thug.
When we get marry tell her again you love a thug.
When our child come tell her you love a thug.
If the police come get me tell her you love a thug.
If i die tell her you love a thug.
Tell your mother you love a thug.


If im dead or lockway.
Just know if i didn't say.
The word to you is goodbye.
Because i always say hi.
If im gone away and im dead.
Just remember the time spent in bed.
Just put pictures and flowers on my grave.
All of our lifes will be save.
If i get lock up.
Im think bout u drinking my cup.
Come visit me here and there.
Even if it dont feel like life not there.
There's one thing to say all my life.
goodbye  goodbye  goodbye  goodbye 

it start when a hustler had need is girlfriend.
but she left because of the trouble.
so he told her a hustler can go down.
she said yea dead.
so she never heared from him.
but found out that he kill himself.
the police wonder why a hustler kill himself.
it was a hustler suicide

Baby i love the way u look at me.
I love when i can tell u i love u.
I love prayin to god i have u.
i will let the world know i have u.
There's no words can explain the blood drops
in my heart of words bout u.
May i kiss u ever nite and morning.
so god this is my dream that i want to accomplish.

I'm sorry for all i did
and for all that i said
i never wanted to break your heart
i wanted you to be my wifey
my heart and my soul
so baby don't let my spirit bleed
i just want you to believe
that the things i did was not me
there was someone else inside of me
i had feel like i had know feelings
so where is the love that we said we had
hold me now its hard to say im sorry
after all said and done
people will always say
two angels that been together from the start
so a kiss or a hug
we will make it a date
i get down on one knee
with a ring in my hand
from a promise ring to a marry ring
i'm prove my love
and more that i can
just to tell you
that i'm sorry

orlando spates

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