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im and having problems in life so i write an i am a happy go lucy person and i love to sing as well i play basketball, im in anything else just let me know if you want to know k byes
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Look at me what do you see?

Do you see what I see deep inside me?

My heart cry’s for understanding for someone to see how my soul my body & my eyes see.

When you look at me you see my smile. Can you see?

Can you see thru my smile to my heart?

What is it that you see in me to make you want to look at me?

I know longer question what happens in life. If trouble would to come. It will just happen. Or I will make it a better day.

So when you look at me look thru my smile.

My eyes only want what they need in life, my body cry’s for caring, my soul cry’s for happiness.

Looking at me what do you really see?


if you have a good man do good by him take care of him
or someother women will take him.

Befor we meet you was everyting to me.
Now that we meet you could care more or less about me.
Who am i just another fling, ok well let me move on to someone whos gonna love me.
You even said you loved me how you lie to me,how could i belive you.
Even tho your still my everything i have to move on with out you by my side. i hope someday you find somewhos gonna love you just as much as i do and treat with much respect as i do, babi i love you.
always to love you never to forget. wish you the best. take care my babi.Kiss
love you Kerby.

My Paper

People ask me why I write,

But I don’t write I tell a story to my paper.

People ask why do I write n I tell them I write to tell my papper who I really am, to let my soul heal for a couple of minutes.

I write because my soul already dead. Writing is my life, my soul, my heart, the only thing I live for.

Writing is like sleeping theres only so much you can write or dream about before you stop or wake up.

Writing has a lot of meaning to it. Because you can never take back the words you write,  writing never calls you a lyer because the truth right there on my paper.

Writing is a drug that hails your body and soul.

People ask me girl what you talking about writing is nothing at all. But all I can I say is its like im sitting on the moon away from the world no one can touch me. Feeling like the world disappeared from around me all my hurt go`s away writing is a drug is all I can say

People ask really how can write help.

The pain you once felt done disappeared in to the paper it is lost untill you stop writing then you try and find  a new way out of the whole mess so you start writing then it all gos away again its like a drug that comes and takes  the pain away then gos away for you to take another one.

Writing is like a drug that always there when i need it the most. Writing is me….

People ask me why do I write well its my new drug I cant get away from writing is my soul.

This is why I write…

what if i said that i loved you?
what if i said i cared?
what would you do would you say the same thing to me.
what if i said your the only one for me would you what to share a life with me would you care about me the same way?
what if i gave you my everthing?
would you hurt me?
what if , what if,?
what would you say? what would you do? would it even matter to you?
what if i said i loved you?

I love you in heaven


Unborn baby that we’ll never know.


Our unborn baby never had the chance to say hi to mommy & papi


I prayed to god to let you live, but when the doc cam in and said that I lost you my unborn baby I didn’t even fall apart because in my heart you will never be dead


My little sunshine my unborn angel


Mommy will always love you N papi too


To my unborn baby


I Hope things are good up in heaven soon we will meet again. I can’t wait to see if you look like me or papi   I love you my unborn baby ill never forget you.


I know you will be looking down on me only because I will always be looking up to you my unborn baby.


You weren’t supposed to go so soon, I had so many great plans for you.


Now I only hope to see your smile in my dreams...wishing I was with you in heaven my little angel.


I felt you growing inside me!  But then you was gone it all happen so fast but ill never for get it.


Ill always knows my little angel shining bright in heaven.


Mommy can’t wait to  she can see you, hold, and kiss you. Just remember mommy love’s you


My unborn baby!

living a life ,but dying
smiling in your face,but crying inside
showing no pain, but pain is all ii feel
my body screams for help, but who really cares?
i ask do i really mean anything to you?
my tears are blood
my heart is a wall
my body is rock
my soul is dying slowly
my feeling are dying without warning.
can you see thur my smile and laughing eyes?
i tell you im fine, i say im happy
But.......can you see right thur me?
my body is shutting down catch me befor i fall.
my soul is gone now im looking down on my body all i can say is wow is that really me?
life has taken me thur hell..
im 16 someone please help me please save me. but im already to far gone, why this have to happen to me?
God please im so young give me alittle of your fath. give me alittle of your love.
someone please save me.
can you see thur me?
im dying and you dont even see it.
im so lost so hopless so sick im nothing im just skin n bones no more life to me...
but can you see thur me.

hurting feel like i just got shot
crying as if im dying
life has no meaning to me
i could die anytime in da world
but who would care?
hurting like my heart got pulled out and jumped on.
so heres the quesion where are you now that i need you?
hurting crying in so much pain
no where to trun cause they wont understand...
always saying they know me but how can you say that?
always acting like you care when your just playing games making things up always lying
crying as if im dying you say you know how that feels but how if you never went througth hell like i did.
then you say that you love me and you care but never show it at all
an if you do why aint you here???
so lonely N sad but your nowhere tobe found.
crying as if im dying!!
but i guess you dont care!!!

let me know wat yall think of this poem

people ask me whats wrong.
but when i go to speak words dont come out.
people ask me why am i crying? but when i speak noone can hear.
so i ask myself why is this happen to me?
is it because my souls already dead? or because my heart been cut an bleed to death?
life has no meaning to me. my happyness faded away from me,
my fath has died. so tell me why you had to take something that wasnt yours to have.
why you have to rape me. im screaming for you to answer me please just tel me why!
see what you did to me o i bet you are happy now.
feel like dying i have no more life in me to breath just waiting to die.
so i cut, i love to see the blood, mmmm the pain it feels so good to me.
now i cut deeper,deeper untill i see blood all over me, everythings black....AM I DEAD?
see what you did to me.?
Dam It they saved me but my soul is still dead there is no bringing it back cause you can trun back.
so tell me why you do this to me??


I wish it was you i woked up to everyday.
I wish it was you who told me you loved me.
  if you only new how much i grown to love you
if i was the one for you, ill make everyday likes it our last.
I wish it was you. 

you said that you always love me.
well what happen to always why did you have to walk out on me we was suppose to stay togeher forever.
you & me always is what you said so why now why you leave me now?
please tell me what i did my baby boo i love you.


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