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I am awesome and cool to talk to! im really honest on what i say, and im also a good listener! I love to read, write, draw and play softbal!!^_^
i would like to get to know alot of new people so please send me some messages..i dont bite..!!lol
Im single by the way..!!lol:)
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Are you happy right now or sad?
Are you bitter about your present condition?
You wonder what is wrong with your life
You wonder why others are happy
And question why some are so sad
Are happy people born that way?
Or happiness is a state of mind
What can make you happy?
Will having more money make you happy?
How much money do you need to make you happy?
If you are single and not happy!
Will having a new lover make you happy?
Will getting married make you happy?
If you are married, and not happy!
Will having more children make you happy?
Will sleeping with other people make you happy?
If you are a professional and not happy!
Will changing your profession make you happy?
What can make you happy?
Will getting drunk everyday make you happy?
Will taking a new drug make you happy?
Will buying a new car make you happy?
What can make you happy?
Will moving to a bigger house make you happy?
Will been promoted at work make you happy?
Will been the head of your organization
Make you happy
What can make you happy?
Always remember that what makes
You happy can make the others sad


When I dream, I dream of falling
Falling, Falling
Falling onto you
When I dream, I dream of drowning
Drowning, Drowning
Longing for the shore, to breathe again
Breathing the air which is your essence
When I dream, I dream of burning
Burning, Burning
Burning bright, burning strong
Longing for the water too put out the flame
When I dream, I dream of darkness
Darkness, Darkness
The darkness devours me
Waiting for the light, for the candle, which you hold
When I dream, I dream of rain pouring
Pouring, Pouring
Drenching me with its coldness
Feeling the blanket that you lay across me to give me warmth
When I dream, I dream of you
Saving me from all my fears
When I dream, I dream of a heaven
Where you and I can lay underneath sky
And where you'll always be with me
When I dream, I dream of forever
When I dream, I wish it lasted
When I dream, you never leave
When I dream, my heart does not get deceived
If only the dreams I dream would come true...


When I’m lonely
I’m surrounded by people
That is not my own

When I’m lonely
The madness in my mind
Over takes

When I’m lonely
I have people around me
Like I’m just a boundary

For ever in the shadows
Of all the smiling faces
Of this world

I sit at home
Screaming at the world
For casting me in its veil

When I’m lonely I shout out in SPITE
Why do I have to be lonely
Is there no one that’s my own

When I’m lonely
I imagine a valley
No life in sight
Just me being lonely

When I’m lonely
I close my eyes
I hope to wake up
To a surprise

I hope to find
Some one whose
Not lonely to guide me

I go insane
Being alone for so long
It affects your thoughts

When I’m lonely
I can not think
My thoughts are gone
It’s like my mind is not in sync

When I’m lonely
I Put on a smile
Fooling the world


Sun comes through the window 
and softly touches my pale skin
a smile shows in my face.

Mom knocks in the door and comes in
with a big gift. Is my birthday.

"Happy Bithday!" ahe announces with a big grin 
as she sits on the edge of my bed,
she's waiting for me to say something
but i just lay there still, 

She grabs the note that's clunched in my hand, 
her smile fades as she reads careful each line,
with every word killing her inside.

"I couldn't take this any longer,
it was just too much pain.
Im sorry that i cause you sorrow
but this was just a better way"

Tears build up in her eyes 
as she sees the emty bottle right by my side,
a tear falls to my pillow without making a sound.

She hugs me and cry's
and show's me all the love she never showed when i was alive

"I love you sweetheart!" she says with a broken voice

"I Love you too mom..!" 

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Im here standing alone in the dark

no where to go no where to hide


I feel empty inside

all by myself i start to cry


but no one listens no one cares

about this pain i feel inside

and my hearth is braking apart


I feel no pain, i feel no love

for what others dont even know


I try to be normal like others are

i try so hard that they just laugh


But i have change

into someone im not


All those people who laugh

they change me alot


Into someone i dont even know

and i hate what i have become...

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