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hey my name is nicole daughtry i live in moultrie ,GA im like a country/skater girl but mostly country. i love to hang out with my friends and go places im in love with a guy named michael ray he is like my soulmate i love him with all my heart. i love to talk i love to txt to all the time. anything anyone wants to know bout me just ask!!!!!
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being with you is like never feeling bad im always happy when im around you. i love you and you are the only one in my life, if you believe me or not,being around you makes my heart beart faster an faster, the the way you look at me makes me nevers,your the only one in my life i dont want to be with anyone else than you cause you make me happy when im sad, you make me laugh when im mad. your my life and i cant stand being without you. so please tell me this or answer my questions,do you love me?do you really want to be with me? cause i really want to be with you!you might think i dont know what love is i do i've never felt this wat about anyone befor you. but you know im telling the truth cause you can look at me and tell im telling the truth. i would never lie to you ever. just promise me this you will always be truthful to me.....

Love can be painful when your special someone breaks your heart. but it can feel great when your in their arms, hearing the soft breating of their heart. no matter what love is, LOVE till the end. but true love comes every once in a while. so,let me ask my love a question that is so simple, you can give me the answer real quick. baby, am i your love?your one and only? or is there someone else i dont know about?

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