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ay whutt it du yal...lye i dun tol yal befo,if i aint on den my lyf iz sweet buh im hurr now so figur me owt!!!
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Thunder, rain, lightning....
How could i explain all the pain and hurt she caused me?
Like an arrow tipped with poison
Its going straight to my heart
Twisting, turning, gasping for air
How did i let her become my world when i was a mere display
Like a fascinating art piece from a gallery
She left me hanging, dangling, frozen....
My heart is colder than the coldest day in the history of earth a candy wrapper in the morning breeze
No goodbye, no explanation, no sincerity for my feelings
Would she ever....
(Inhale - exhale)
Shes not coming back...
I drop to my knees grasping at the grazes
Uplift my arms and let my tears run with the rain
Ready for the process once again
As time caresses my broken heart....

Wassup baby girl, yo theres something im missin That one thing i just need you to tell me one thing Listen... I know youve got alot of things on your mind but lets just figure this out and spend some time Im thinking about whats really holding you back from telling me all the facts coz i need to know just tell me that Just pick up the phone and call me girl thats all i need for you to tell me how you feel so we can succeed To the better things in life instead of playing all these games Acting like we dont care even though we feel the same We could go to the park lay on the grass have a good time while i make you laugh Carress your body from head to toe take you home and dont you know I know we've only been together for a little while You havnt told me that you love me but i can tell by your smile Chorus... I know you wanna tell me that you love me baby girl So just come into my world Coz your the prettiest girl of all time And you dont know how i feel baby girl The other day i helped you get through the night When i answered the phone all i could hear was your crying I asked you what was wrong and you told me it was your ex That he was just confusing you and making things more complex He told you that he loves you, cares for you, misses you and wants you back Then i asked what you said and you said you werent having that Becoz you were falling in love with another guy Then i stopped you there a little confused and asked you why That you said that because you never mentioned anything to me About love and how you felt and to what degree I know i love you and you know you love me So just tell me how you feel and baby come with me ...Chorus... I wanna tell you that i love you baby girl So just come into my world Coz your the prettiest girl of all time and Now you know how i feel baby girl ...Chorus til fade out...

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She possesses a smile





Yet her heart cries out with pain

Pain from all the past fellaz who hurt her

Why is the only question that crosses my mind

How a fella can hurt such a sweet girl

Mysteries are never ending

I could only imagine a touch

The embrace of her soft hands

A kiss

The impartial softness of her breath upon my lips

A laugh

The sweet sound of her voice

A simple embrace of time where i could show her how she should be treated

Show her that not every fellaz the same

As for now friendship is enough for me

Almost too much

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One mistake is enough to change your life completely
Even a SORRY cant contemplate how sorry you realy are
Behind all the smiles and laughs
Hides a flame of anger & rage
A flame that longs to be put out
At first he was at fault
Now a burden lays upon these shoulders
A burden that will be carried head hung low
In shame of what these hands have done
A wrong to right many wrongs
Relieving?, Excruciating?, Happiness?
Could it ever be put to rest how these hands have committed
As this head bows, these knees kneel and these hands reform
The beginning of a prayer
Whilst the end of his life embraces him completely

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Reflections of the full moon shimmer across the sea

Breeze gently blowing through her hair

She leans in and whispers

"i love you"

He smiles

She smiles

One minute of silence

Their lips intertwine

One never thought another soul

Could make him feel so complete

He caresses her gently

A tear rolls down her cheek

He whispers

"i've always loved you"

She looks amidst the sea

As tears roll down her cheek

He sits in silence then asks

"baby, have i done something wrong?"

She cant look at him

Then she says it aloud

"i'm seeing someone else"

He pushes for an explanation

Or a sorry


She just gets up

Walks away

Into the foggy night

As he sits alone

Confused, lost, wondering

Wishing that he were dead

Feeling that his heart stopped beating

Hoping someday

Just someday

He will be able to sew together

His heart

That she just tore apart

Then shred

Into little

Tiny pieces

I cried today
Like a new born baby
Trying to figure out how and why
I feel the way i do


She was selfish, self centred
How else could i put it
Yet so many people cared for her
I even once loved her

Once wouldnt be the right word
Coz now i bleed for her
I bleed from my heart

The wind blows
I wish it would sweep right through me
Take all these emotions out
Free me from my wrath

Another life lost
Another life gone
Another life wasted
For what?

A love she left behind
Three years ago
Im left




Was it all really my fault
She took her own life


Coz now shes gone

Here i am

Carrying a burden

Laid on me by the woman

Whom i once loved


My phone rang two weeks ago, Thursday
I didnt pick it up
But it rang

My phone rang two days later, Saturday
I didnt pick it up
But it rang

My phone rang Last week, Tuesday
I didnt pick it up
But it rang

My phone rang Last week, Thursday
I picked up
It was her, my ex

She was crying
So was i....
From my heart
She said she was sorry
For all the pain she caused
I said i was sorry
For not answering my phone

She said she was finished with her man
i apologized
She said she still loved me
i apoligized
She said she wanted me back
I apologized
She said her mom kicked her out
She said she was going to kill herself
Tears, broken heart, anger

I sat in silence
She repeated herself over
I told her not to do anything
She insisted its what she wanted
I told her too many people cared
She said she didnt care
Dial tone.....

She hung up
I tried calling back
No answer....
Heart racing, full of worry
Teary eyes, pounding heart beats
Trembling, shaking
Still no answer....

My phone rang yesterday, Wednesday
I picked up
It was her mom
I could hear her moping on the other end
My heart skipped a beat
A tear ran down my face
Finally, words....
She committed suicide on Monday night
If only i was there when she needed me


There she was standing before me
Silence filled the air
Smiles passed from one to another
She caressed my hand
I embraced her gently
There we were
Unspoken words.....

Her friend spoke
She smiled
My sister spoke
I smiled
We gazed into each others eyes
For no longer than two minutes

Left me saying
I wish
I should
I could have
I would have
If only i could speak my mind
I wouldnt be so full of this feeling
This feeling of hope.....


The way she moves is like the an on flowing stream of water

Her smile eases my soul in a way none other can

The way she dresses keeps my eyes stuck on her

Her voice so sentimental and sweet

How can i explain to her that i want to be the one?

The one who sweeps her off her feet

The one to make her smile when shes upset

The one who will be there just to be there

The one who will be there when she needs someone

To just listen to what shes going through

The one who will love her for her and

Will never try to change her

The one to take away her pain and refill her heart

Mind and soul with laughter, joy&happiness

The one who will never make her cry because

Of the things i do or say

The one who will let her know how much

I love her each and every day

How can i explain to her that she's captured my heart?

My heart that i vowed would never be re-opened

My heart that i built a thousand walls around

Just so i could hide the pain from the girl before

My heart that i kept in the cold so I wouldnt fall

Again for a beautiful smile such as hers

How can i tell her that slowly im falling in love with her?

Falling in love with her from afar

Observing and melting all at once

When she's near i melt inside

That its her soft gentle touch i long to feel

I wish i knew just how to say it all but when

She's near i lose my voice and my body trembles

My mind goes blank and my hands sweat

Just how do i let her know


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