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You and I are connected

in a way that goes beyond romance,

beyond friendship,

beyond what we've ever had before.

It has defied time, distance,

and changes in ourselves

and in our lives.

It has defied every explanation.

Except one :

Pure and simply, we're soul mates.

I can't explain, I just feel it.

It's there in the way my spirits lift

whenever we talk.

The sound of your voice brings me home,

in a way I can't explain.

It's in the delight I feel, when we laugh

at exactly the same things.

When I'm with you,

it's like a tiny piece of the universe

shifts into place.

A place it's supposed to be,

and all is right with the world.




These things and so many more,

have made me understand

that this is a once in a lifetime,

forever connection.

A connection that could only exist

between you and me.

And deep in my soul,

I know that our relationship

is a rare gift.

One that brings us

extraordinary happiness

all through our lives.

Avi’s Creations


                    You’r the friend, I can be a complete idiot with and no matter what you will stand there and laugh with me.

                    You’r the friend I can get completely mad at and than having you stand there with a funny face completely ignoring the fact that I’m mad at you, and just burst out laughing.


                    You’r the friend I can trust with everything, there isn’t a thing I wouldn’t doubt telling you because i trust you with ma whole heart.


                    You’r the friend that has been through ruff times with me & we're still standing strong.


                    You’r the friend i would run to if in trouble.


                    You’r the friend who has always helped me out and you know what?

                    You'r the most Stupid Girls in this world but you are best friend among all of them...........


Avi’s Creations…….  O


I feel so alone

Don’t know what to do

All i wish, is to be next to you

I know it won’t happen I’m already involved

But that won’t stop me wanting it all

I’m stuck in the middle, should i go left or right? It’s getting late now its 12 at night

I look beside me to see her sound asleep

But all i can do is sit and weep

I wish it were you instead of him

I m stuck now.. Sitting out on a limb

I m fantasizing about you and me now

Sitting and wondering how

How can i make this dream into reality?

If I don’t end this now ill suffer brutality

He will beat me for sure if he knows the truth

That i awoke thinking of you

So I must go now and dream of us

Making our act in heavenly lust.

Good night my dream too

I m thinking of you......  

Avi’s Creations


, !!

 "journey from love to black love"  


 I start up my life with love........


 Fill it with colors of love....


Fill it with shades of feelings...


Things move all to the right


Suddenly wild winds come....


 Shed the leaves of tree of my love....

Rain intermixes the colors of my love


Colors combined & form black..


As black as shadow of some evil spirit,


Black love with black shadows


Ended up with one phase of my life....



In love don't know what do the people want,
They make it a feeling which makes the life for me to haunt,
Is it a fantasy or some reality,
Its a question for me showing in its meaning a lot of variety,
How do i make people understand,
That to love someone is not a one night stand,
Making it difficult for me to make them realize that it is in fact an art,
Which binds the soul to soul and heart to heart,
It is easy for them to say "LOVE U" to anybody who is jus their crush,
As if their life is gonna end and proposing anyone in rush,
Making the pure feeling a bit sour,
Leaving no corner to trust anybody in the future near or far,
Please don't say it until n unless u mean it,
Don't ruin somebody's life if u don't have guts to clean it,
Its a request to all my dear friends,
Make a relationship u think have destiny n which never ends.....


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