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hey my name is Tessa, im just looking for Friends. im nice, smart caring and a lil out spoken i may be 16 but i live on my own for the most part for, I FOUND THE ONE hehe im sooo happy! i love him Brandon James!
hes sooo perfect!! AHHHH
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i feel alone
almost liek i have no home,
i know you all care
and want to be there
this i have ot do on my own
but dont be afriad to pick up the phone
dial my number and open your heart
its okay you dont know where ot start
im listening to your words
its not anything i havet already heard
i can see you
im not who you once knew
im stronger now
you cant contorl me now got that pal
you brang me to my knees
i think of all the lies.. the plea's
well guess what?


i sit here and wait for you
i think of all we could be
i think of all the things you need ot see
all i did was care
the feekings you shared
i really did love you
somehow my heart flew,
i know i can do better now,
ill move on somehow
you done deseve me
this now I see
im string
and damn baby im moving on
 because the truth is id rather be sad and alone
you know.. be on my own
then feel the heartach
i get when you make a mistake.


ive noticed that no matter what i go through in life..... theres always someone who sees the truth,.
i just want someone to love me like i love them, im tired of not feeling good enough.... im tired
of someone breaking up with me for another girl or cheating i mean i love having fun and i love life
i dont understand... am i really that bad???

all the things you know...
i was trying so hard to let you go..
not a day goes by that i dont think of you...
i think of the great nights we had together
i wont forget how i promised you forever
i wont forget that look in your eyes when id say goodbye
you made my heart fly..
i miss that way youd say my name..
i thought you felt the same..
you told me you missed me...
i smiled remembering how i miss u too...
then i remeber the one im with....
i cant hurt him the way you did me...
thats a fee im not willing to pay
id rather just stay..
i mean alot to him i know that
and i wont hurt him knowin that fact.
id rather play it safe
like they say u cant have the whole cake...
i wont leave him like you left me..
no i cant let that be...
just know i wish fro you every chance i get...
no matter how hard i try...
i cant forget......

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